Spring Cleaning for Success: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Path

“He’s on the roof again!” cried a younger son as he bounded through the back door. Not the least bit shocked, I knew exactly to whom he was referring.

Feeling compelled to do my parental due diligence, I put down my cleaning supplies and stepped outside to investigate. I wanted to be sure the accused teenager wasn’t trying to out-do himself by scaling new heights.

Not wanting to be detected, I stood, close-lipped, watching as my son mentally assessed the roof’s height and the distance to his landing target (a patio cushion). Looking on in amazement, I remembered my own fear of high places.

I was the kid who’d follow everyone up to the top of the climbing structure’s cross beam, only to break out into a cold sweat once I realized that I’d have to come down on my own. This child of mine is a dare-devil, who certainly didn’t inherit my phobia.

My teen-aged son stepped back and readied himself for the running start. Then, he darted forward with a look of determination. But, just as he reached the opposing edge, he stopped short and his determined expression morphed into one of defeat.

Breaking my silence, I asked my son what he had planned and why he hadn’t completed his feat.

My dare-devil explained that he was working to overcome a newly acquired fear. Just a few months ago, this child jumped, flipped and leaped off any stationary location (and at least one that wasn’t). However, a couple of minor injuries rewired his brain into equating elevation with pain. He wanted to erase that connection.

I admired his bravery and persistence, but even more so I was inspired by his plan of action. He identified his weakness, pin-pointed the source and implemented a strategy to overcome his obstacle.

Returning to my spring cleaning, I thought about the things that hold me back. Those real and imagined impediments that cause me to halt in my tracks.

As far back as I can remember, I dreamed of becoming a writer, but then I reasoned myself into putting that ambition on the back-burner while I raised my big family. Finally, a few years ago I began to pour out my words on a blog, but I kept my expectations low out of fear of disappointment. And now, after being published and getting hired for some speaking engagements, I know that I’m still not reaching my full potential.

Of course, there are countless excuses that I have to offer for why I’m not writing daily, promoting my work regularly and scouting out new opportunities. But in light of my son’s endeavor, they seem like just that- excuses.

In a recent guest post for Vend Raleigh, the owner of Raleigh Moms Blog stated it so well when she said,

As a mompreneur, it is essential to set your internal compass and steer through perception, opinion and doubt as you drive towards your goals. For moms, I think this can be doubly challenging because anyone who has children is used to putting the needs of others ahead of themselves. Knowing your value however, will always guide you in the right direction.

Coupling that advice with my son’s example, it appears that I have some serious work to do if I want to achieve my goals. Like the cob webs in my windowsills, I need to dust off my original intentions. If I want to succeed as a writer, I have to face down my fears, inventory my objectives, acknowledge my worth and devise a concrete game plan to move forward.

And what better time to get started than today.


Are you achieving your dreams?

Are there past hurts, fears or obstacles holding you back?

Perhaps, it’s time for you to do some spring cleaning in your life.



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4 Responses to Spring Cleaning for Success: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Path

  1. Healing Mama April 21, 2016 at 11:48 am #

    I love the part that says “knowing your value will always lead you in the right direction”.

  2. Ruby Ring April 21, 2016 at 12:28 pm #

    Oh, this is a lovely post. I’m a writer too under another name, a poet to be specific, and I haven’t done as much submitting of my work as I should since my daughter was born. I still write constantly, but I need to get down to business. Also, I’m glad to see you in Raleigh Moms! I’m in NC right now too!

  3. Tiffany DeLangie April 22, 2016 at 4:36 pm #

    Hey I’m in Raleigh too! Your son sounds funny and cute! Great lessons on pursuing our goals. Thanks for sharing!

  4. MsCrookedHalo April 23, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

    I admire your son’s gumption to overcome his fears but, perhaps, jumping off roofs is one that he needs to keep.

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