5 Ways to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early (Really Early)

Start shopping for the holidays TODAY (that’s right…the holidays, as in next year). Right now, stores are trying to liquidate their winter merchandise to make room for spring goods. Everything is on sale at amazing prices, some 75-80% off the original pricing. If you start today, you can save a ton of money and when next December rolls around, you’ll be at home sipping cocoa (or wine), while your friends stand in line! Here are 5 ways to get shopping done early:
Save Money By Christmas Shopping Now Raleigh Moms Blog

1. Create a budget.

How much will you spend overall? About how much will you spend per person? Say your budget for parents is $50, make siblings $25 or less. Obviously, adjust this to your budget higher or lower, but you need a starting point.

2. Make a list (and check it twice!)

Without a list you’re roaming around aimlessly trying to figure out what to buy Susie or Johnny. Make your life easier by creating a list. Three columns are enough: Name/Gift/Where to purchase/Purchased. As you shop go back to your list (I like to use GoogleSheets so that hubby can access too) and mark off what has or has not been bought. Trust me, this little key will keep you from wracking your brain AND wasting unnecessary funds! 

3. Start shopping NOW.

That’s right, get over to Target and get Grandma those PJ’s for 80% off. You’ve got folks that you know what you want to buy for them now so make it happen. For children its easy, too because you can check out toys and games that are simply one year ahead. 

4. DIY!

My favorite of all time, yet I always forget that I can do a ton of things myself when it comes to gifting. Bust out those knitting needles, frame a photo that your little on drew of themselves with the family. I can tell you DIY gifts make the heart grow alot faster than anything you can buy in a store.

5. Find a storage spot 

Store the gifts out of sight. Keep them organized by family member name (you can use bags or bins, up to you). You do not need to share this location with other family members so that you don’t spoil a surprise. Easy targets are the tops of closets or inside window seating. Try to stay away from the dryer that could be troublesome.

Let me tell you, you’re going to save a TON more money shopping now at discount prices and being organized. If you wait, you’re going to be saying “oh well, its only an additional $25” as you toss something in the cart 3 days before the holiday. You should know I always love a reason to shop so maybe I’ll see you in the clearance aisle ;).
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