Vacation Mottos for a Grown-Up Getaway

Whenever my husband and I have the opportunity to go on a date or go on a getaway trip without our daughters, I always feel like we should reintroduce ourselves to each other. All the usual time-consuming thoughts, conversations, and burdens of being a grown-up and raising children get to escape our minds and we get to just be carefree for the duration of our escapade with the goal of coming back rested, recharged, and ready to love ourselves, each other, and our children even harder!

My husband and I got to let our hair down (well my husband is bald and I lived in a messy bun…but you know what I mean) for five whole days in the mountains of North Carolina while my amazing parents took care of our two girls.

Once we realized how tightly we have been wound up as a spouse, parent, and adult, we decided to operate with these vacation mottos that worked out very well:

Vacation Motto #1:  The rules are…there are no rules!

Want a beer at noon? Don’t mind if we do! Want to sleep in until we want to wake up? You bet! Want to get small plates at multiple restaurants to try out their food? Absolutely! Such a great feeling when as parents we live our lives with many rules and schedules.

Vacation Motto #2:  Make no plans and go where the wind blows you!

Each morning we woke up, we decided what we were going to do based on what we were in the mood for and what recommendations the locals (always ask the locals) had recommended.

Vacation Motto #3:  If you are able to get away for more than one night, stay in multiple places.

During our four nights in the mountains, we stayed in three different inns/hotels. Each place offered its own vibe that almost set the tone for what we did that day based on its location and ambiance. It’s easy to pack up when it’s just adults and Priceline/Hotwire can get you some great deals so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Vacation Motto #4:  Take some solo time on your couples’ trip.

How do we remember all of our colors that used to shine so brightly before they were mixed together on the palette of life? Go find your colors! Ok, so I’m still looking for mine, but hey, aren’t we all! How can we fill someone else’s cup when our cup is empty? Take the time on your trip to fill your cup!

Life kind of has a way of sucking the life out of you sometimes and it’s important to remember who you’re trying to be as a person so that you can be the best team as you can be with your spouse. Sometimes I read our marriage blessing, and when I find myself saying oops, double oops, or heaven forbid triple oops because those things aren’t happening, I know it’s time to reflect on how we can strengthen our relationship as individuals and as a couple. Our wedding blessing:

“Live your lives with passion, compassion and excitement…play…dance…make footprints in the sand…sail in the gentleness of the winds…climb mountains together…laugh together…cry together…smile often…make life magical and extraordinary…be happy…be silly…rejoice in the beauty of life…and from now on and into all of your tomorrows as you set sail on the great sea of marriage, partners in love for life, always remember to treat each other with loving kindness and respect.”

Now of course when we got home, reality was still waiting for us: 5AM wake-ups, laundry, tantrums, crazy schedules that made us two ships sailing in the night, and all of the other daily stresses we face while raising two children…but deep down…sometimes really, really deep down…we know we are rejuvenated and ready to be the best teammates for each other and for our daughters.

What mottos do you follow when it’s time for your grown-up getaway! Please share in the comments section below.


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