5 Reasons All Kids Should Learn To Play Golf

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When I met my husband I didn’t know the difference between a birdie and a bogey.  I honestly thought golf was a boring sport and didn’t really care about knowing more.  But, I was in “LOVE” so I wanted to be interested in the things he was interested in.  I started asking questions, going to the driving range and even took a few golf lessons.  Something odd began to happen, I started to really enjoy the sport.  As our family grew, they too, became interested in golf.

TGA Golf of Wake County Raleigh Moms BlogWhen my son was between the ages of 2 and 3, he wanted to follow in daddy’s footsteps, and started to play.    He would play for extended periods of time, lining up his tees, hitting his golf balls, chasing them all down and setting it up all over again.  For a 2-3-year-old little boy his focus was something to be admired.  As he grew he and my husband would go to the driving range and even go walk 9 holes.  One day he came home from school as was very excited that is elementary school was offering an after school golf program, from our friends and sponsors at TGA of Wake County.  TGA partners with 40 local schools in wake county to provide an after school golf program for students interested in learning the sport or enhancing their skills.  It was a 6-week program that was very reasonably priced so we signed him up.  He LOVED it!  He was so excited each week to tell me about the new skills he was learning and he enjoyed meeting other kids at his school that were also interested in golf.   I liked it because the classes contain a character theme each week that relate both to golf and home. The program was so great we signed him up again the next fall to continue his interest.  This August, he is excited to join his first full week of golf camp where they will work on golf skills in the morning and then play in the afternoons.  I anticipate a very tired, but happy little boy by the end of the week. TGA of Wake County offers over 30 weeks of golf camp each year.  They also recently launched girls golf which is an LPGA initiative focused on teaching girls how to have fun.

It’s not easy to admit when you are wrong, but I’m saying it now.  I was wrong about golf.  You learn so many great life lessons from golf and I’m excited my son, and now his younger brother, are interested in this great sport.  

TGA Golf of Wake County Raleigh Moms BlogBelow are the 5 Reasons All Kids Should Learn to Play Golf:

1.    They learn perseverance –  Golf is not easy.  There are lots of swings and misses as a new golfer, and even sometimes for the veterans.  The pros make it look simple, but it is anything but.  Kids can feel a great sense of accomplishment when they persevere though the frustration and finally land that putt or hit the distance they were aiming for.

2.    They learn patience – Golf is not a fast paced sport.  You have to wait for the person in front of you to finish and it takes a long time to finish a full round.  Patience is a virtue we can all benefit from.

3.    Enjoy the great outdoors – Most moms agree; we want our kids to get outside more.  My boys love to be out hitting balls in our backyard or out on the driving range with their dad.  I rarely have to tell them to go outside, they are already there.

4.    Anyone can do it– You really don’t have to have any experience or great skill to play golf. With a little patience and perseverance, anyone can do it.  Golf can sometimes seem like an expensive sport, and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be.  The golf programs at TGA are so reasonable and cheaper than most other camps and programs I have looked into.

5.    It’s a lifetime skill– How many business meetings happen on a golf course?  I can’t even begin to imagine how many deals have been negotiated on the greens.  Without the wear and tear on your body, golf is a hobby your kids can keep for a lifetime.

If you’re interested in getting your son or daughter started in golf, check out TGA of Wake County to see if there is a program at your school or a week of camp this fall that will work for your schedule.  They also offer tennis, so if golf isn’t your thing, maybe tennis is.

TGA Golf of Wake County Raleigh Moms Blog

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