The Rise Of The Manzilian

Have you noticed lately that the new trend with men is facial hair? It’s seems like just about everyone has a beard these days. While the trend in facial hair is growing it out, there is another trend on the rise that you might not be so aware of… Ladies, I am talking about the “The Manzilian”. Yes, you guessed right. It is the male version of a Brazilian wax where all of the hair is removed from the genital area…all of it ladies, all of it
How did I gather this information? On the wax table of course! I must admit, I was kind of blown away that this could be a popular trend…I mean I don’t know about you, but my husband’s threshold for pain isn’t all that high…how about yours? So, I asked local wax specialist and RMB sponsor, Helene from Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique, just how often she really sees this. Turns out, the answer is A LOT! Who knew?!

Also known in the waxing industry as a “crack and sack wax”.  Just like the Brazilian wax, the Manzilian is gaining popularity in spas all  across the the United States. It’s no wonder men are jumping on the “no hair down there” band wagon…the results from a brazilian/manzilian can be amazing! Not only does it last longer than shaving but the hair actually grows in less and soft…really soft. Also not to be forgotten…no more nicks or razor burn! 

So, just what kind of men are getting this done and why? As a professional wax specialist I find that the “types” of men and reasons vary. Here is a list of the men I most commonly find on my wax table…anonymously of course!

The Rise Of The Manzillion Raleigh Moms Blog
The Metro Sexual

This man is meticulously groomed from head to toe and everywhere in between, including his “area”. He looks good, he smells good and is always on time for his appointment. He is the client who will be super specific with his request for a certain “hair style” and goes straight to the mirror to check himself out post wax.

The Athlete

This client is extremely athletic.  He is either a runner, swimmer, cyclist, or gym rat and has no time for pubic hair. It slows him down, causes chaffing and rashes. He is very stoic during his wax because he understands getting waxed is necessary to upping his game. He does what it takes when it comes to his performance….from diet to waxing he is 100% in.

The Mid-life Crisis

In his mid 40’s, newly divorced and back on the dating scene. He drives a convertible, is on tinder and eager to try “new things”. Somewhere online he read that removing his genital hair will make his manhood um…look bigger. He is “cologned up” and a bad tipper.


He really hates hair! He always has and always will. He waxes his whole body…everything.. and makes sure I don’t miss any spots. He spends the entire time talking about his disgust of any body hair and what a great service I am doing for people. Thanks OCD guy!

The Considerate Gent

This man is only thinking of you!! He knows that if he likes you to be hairless… it is only fair of him to return the favor. He is concerned about your comfort during intimacy and talks about you during the entire wax. I personally think it’s sweet and would prefer a man that shows up with waxed genitals instead of flowers.

The Sexy Man

It’s all about him! This man is into sex. All kinds and a lot of it. He is sexually selfish. Getting a manzilian makes “him” feel sexier and he believes it makes sex better “for him”. He books every 4 weeks like clockwork, wears speedo underwear and tips well.

The Guy That Prefers Guys

I love this client!!  I never have to worry about him flirting with me and he loves pink just as much as I do. He has the best dating stories, recipes and skin. This man is exfoliating …no ingrowns for him!

The Silver Alert

This man is age 55 and above…sometimes way above! At this point in his life he has no shame to his game.  He does what he wants with no apologies.  He is uber confident about his life choices, including his regular manzilian waxes. He also has the cutest stories about his grandkids.

The College Kid

Oh to be young again!  This client was either pressured by his fraternity brothers aka some kind of hazing, lost a bet or is doing “research” for a school project. He comes in late, hungover and really sweaty. Just like a one night stand, I rarely see this client again.

The Guy Next Door

This was not his idea!! His lady booked his appointment and even dropped him off. He is terrified but willing to try anything to please his love and spice things up. During the wax  he is very quiet, has trouble forming sentences that make sense and avoids eye contact. This is the client I am extra “gentle” with because he is the one most likely to shed a tear.

So, what do you think? Would your guy get on the wax table? Is he already? We want to know! 

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