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Ladies Love Football!

Football Matters supported and sponsored this post, however, the opinions and experiences included belong to the writer.I always find it interesting, that most football articles seem to be about football moms and their sons. Well, guess what? We have 4 daughters – and they love football! We even have three 2-year olds, and they are […]

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Answers to Seven Common Questions about the Adoption Tax Credit

When I began my adoption journey, and finally decided on domestic agency adoption over international or other types, I was overwhelmed with how I would pay for it. I believed that adoption was for the privileged. Wealthy people even. Those with connections, perhaps. I was dead wrong. The reality is if I wanted to build […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Bloom – Get Your Tickets Today!

Bloom is back in Raleigh for its 4th year! This event is geared towards moms who are currently expecting a baby, had a baby within the last year, foster moms of infants, or are planning on growing their family soon through birth or adoption. We are extremely thankful to our longtime Bloom sponsors, WakeMed North Family Health […]

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National Single Parent Day - Honoring the Parenting Journey

National Single Parent Day – Honoring the Parenting Journey

The job of parenting is never an easy one, but for single parents, the parenting journey can be a particularly rough road. Single parents do the job of two—juggling child-rearing, work, maintaining a household—all while shouldering alone the stress (and joy) of parenting. This leaves a single parent with little time for personal pursuits, leisure […]

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2019 Word of the Year: Identity

2019 Word of the Year: Identity

Warning: what lies ahead is a post of honesty and sincere reflection.  (You’ve been warned.) Many years ago, I gave up on making new year’s resolutions.  Instead, I embraced the trend of choosing a word, one word, that would be my focus and intent for the year ahead.  This past year, I focused on “rest” […]

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Mommy, You're Peach, and I’m Brown: Creating Open Conversations about Adoption

Mommy, You’re Peach, and I’m Brown: Creating Open Conversations about Adoption

“Mommy, you’re peach, and I’m brown,” she said. “I know honey, is that ok?” I asked. Without hesitation and a smirk running toward the toy box, “Of course mommy, don’t ya know.” In 2012, I adopted my daughter as an infant. I suppose you could say my biological clock didn’t strike midnight until around the […]

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