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The Deductible Ninja - Raleigh Moms Blog

The Deductible Ninja

Our RMB contributor, Kim Sauinsin,  maneuvers through life as a mom but also through life as a real-life obstacle course Ninja and fitness trainer.  Read her testimony of how she leapt into the world of OCR (Obstacle Course Readiness)  surrounded by other Ninjas like herself. The Deductible Ninja. There’s the Alaskan Ninja. And Captain NBC. […]

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10 Reasons to Love Halloween Raleigh Moms Blog

Ten Reasons To Love Halloween (Even If You Hate It!)

We’re about to enter a marathon of holidays: Halloween first, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and lastly, New Year’s. Some find great joy in all the excitement and merry-making that define this big holiday season that greets us at the end of each year. For others of us, it’s a lot of pressure. Halloween, my favorite holiday […]

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WE Stayed in a Tiny House Raleigh Moms Blog

We Stayed in a Tiny House

Though I’m still relatively young, I already have a dream for retirement. My goal is to sell our current house and buy one small cottage at the beach, and one small log cabin in the mountains. We would split our time evenly between the two, and allow our kids and their families to vacation in […]

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