4 Ways Tech Neck Is Ruining Your Day (and Affecting Your Health)

You’ve probably heard of “tech neck” by now. Tech Neck or Forward Neck Position is becoming a common place problem for men and women alike. What you might not know though, is that you probably have it. Even if you don’t have a desk job, the amount of time we spend looking down at our phones, folding laundry, searching for missing lego pieces before they impale the soles of our feet… we are all at risk for the degenerating ailment. 

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4 Ways Tech Neck Is Ruining Your Day

1. Your boobs are shrinking! 

Lets just get this one out of the way first, because…seriously? As if we weren’t already up against enough after having kids, breast feeding and fighting a constant battle against gravity every day, now we have tech neck to thank for shrinking our breast size too. 

2. You are getting shorter.

Thanks a lot tech neck. You’ve decided to team up with gravity on this one too. The more we sit at desks or hunch over our phones, we begin to literally create a curvature in our neck and shoulder area, our posture becomes poor and we get shorter. So unless you can rely on stilettos to add an inch or two (you know, practical kid chasing attire), tech neck is going to bring you down.

3. You are developing a hump back.

That same postural problem we mentioned above? The muscles around your neck and shoulder begin to tighten and can create a hump-like appearance. I don’t know about you but having a hump to deal with isn’t on my list of things to do today.

4. It is draining your energy!

Say what? We probably should have put this one second, right below how tech neck is shrinking our boobs. As moms, our energy is already in short supply and anything  we have left comes at a premium. If tech neck wants to take what little energy I left, it is going to have to fight me for it! 

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Here’s the reality…

I recently met with Dr. Robert Boyer at The Joint Southpoint to ask him more questions about forward neck position (tech neck) and how we can combat it. Dr. Boyer is a local father, who discovered holistic health care while training at the Olympics Training Center in Colorado Springs. He was injured and after receiving only recommendations for prescription medication and to stop training, he looked to other solutions to treat the problem long term, not just mask the symptoms. 

Postural position of your head and neck into todays high tech society is damaging your neck and upper back. The body when constantly looking down at your computer and or phone accommodate that position causing potential irreversible damage to your bones, ligaments, muscles, and personal appearance. The cosmetic changes for both men and women can be serious! Women will visibly loose breast size, standing height, and develop a hump at the base of their neck and top of their back.  Men will lose vertical standing height and their chest muscles will appear sunken and small. Lastly, this forward head position consumes considerable amount of personal energy. The doctors at The Joint throughout the Triangle area of NC, understand this condition and how to structurally correct and reverse the damage of using your cell phone and computer throughout the day. We are the only health care providers to do this drug free bringing about proper head position giving you a detailed exercise and stretching program combined with chiropractic treatment and ergonomic advice. 

So, how do we fix it? 

According to Dr. Boyer, simply coming in for adjustments is not enough. Treating forward neck position involves some work on your end too. The good news is, you can combat tech neck. Dr. Boyer or other treatment providers at any of  Joint locations listed below will provide you with exercise recommendations to do along with your adjustments so that you can achieve the the best results. 

Take a look at these videos by Dr. Boyer below. Do you think that you are suffering from forward neck position? Stop in and see our friends at The Joint Southpoint  or any of the other locations listed below. No appointments needed… ever! 



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