Raleigh Moms Care: Putting Care Into Action

If you have not already heard about the good things Raleigh Moms Care is up to, I am pleased to share the great work that this group of local mothers is doing right here within the Raleigh community. I had to opportunity to speak with Sarah Thamm, who is the Public Affairs Director for Raleigh Moms Care and also heading up the organizations first annual golf tournament on August 13th.

How did the organization get started? 

Raleigh Moms Care is a direct result of the popular Raleigh Moms Group on Facebook.  Our members were constantly looking for ways to get together socially, as well as help our community in various ways. After seeing an obvious need, the admin team got together and find a way to facilitate the group’s desire to band together and give back. Thus, Raleigh Moms CARE was born. We decided early on to focus on the children in our community & use our common connection as mothers to better their lives in as many ways as possible.  

Raleigh Moms Care Teacher ProgramHow many local moms are working with your organization?

Our support base will always be the Raleigh Moms Group, which today has close to 10,000 local members.  We have around 30 active committee members & volunteers, as well as 80 members of our Raleigh Moms Social, which an extension of RMCs mission to connect local moms.  Our Board consists of seven, very active and dedicated local moms.  

What are the main community efforts that you are focusing on now?

Currently, our Giving Hands program is our main focus.  With this program we work with other local charities that cater to mothers & young children to provide necessary baby items.  We deliver anything these moms need to safely and comfortably bring their newborns home from the hospital.  Typical “baby bundles” include gently used & non expired car seats, strollers, carriers, breast feeding necessities, clothes, etc. When we arrive, typically these moms have nothing in the way of baby items for their newborn & our goal is that when we leave they have all the basic necessities.

We also have a Wake County initiatives program, run by a committee of teachers & moms.  Each semester this committee grants a local teacher with $500 to be used for their classroom.  In 2015 & 2016 we provided two classrooms with an easel, educational books and iPod touches.

Raleigh Moms Care Goodie BoxesWhat are some of the greatest needs you are seeing in our community?

That’s a loaded question!

Over this last year, getting up front and personal with the families in our community in desperate need, we’ve learned that the “greatest needs” really do vary family to family.  One if those needs that is constant, is for people to continue to be willing to help.  All of us have been so incredibly touched at the generosity of not only our group, but our community in general. Anytime we put a call out for help, we have been blown away by responses.  Each and every baby bundle delivery we make, requires so many people caring about easing a burden for a family they’ve never met and donating. In an age where it’s so easy to post items for sale & get money for these gently used baby items, it makes a donation of a quality car seat or stroller, that much more meaningful.  Did you know the hospital will not let let a mom leave without a non expired car seat? For so many of the moms we deliver to, this is their biggest worry because they simply do not have the means to get one themselves.

It’s a very sad thing to be face to face with a homeless mom, who is in an unfortunate situation with little ones relying on her. The truth is, we have 5,000 homeless children in Wake County, and they deserve for all of us to care about them.  That’s what I believe our greatest need is in our community, to never stop caring about them & for all of us to do what we can to show that we do.  They are our future and they need us!

Raleigh Moms Care DonationsWhat can people do to help?

We have many opportunities throughout the year to donate gently used baby items, which we completely depend on in order to help these families.  Get on our mailing list or follow us on FaceBook or Instagram  so you can find out about our donation drives as they come up.

We are hosting our first ever golf tournament on August 13th, Consider creating a team to play, or joining us at the BBQ dinner with your family afterward! For details, visit

Becoming a social member, joining our committees or supporting our fundraisers helps us continue to do what we do.  We need support of our community to continue to serve it, so however you personally can do that we’ve tried to create a variety of ways to get involved.  We appreciate and welcome support on all levels!!

Raleigh Moms Care Gold Tournament

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