Are You Wearing Clean Underwear?

We’re moms, so we know a thing or two about clean (or dirty) underwear. Are you tallying up the loads of laundry in your head right now? As it turns out, there are some moms right here in Wake County that don’t spend a lot of time washing their children’s dirty laundry. Jealous?

What if I told you that they don’t have a lot of laundry to wash, simply because their children barely have enough clothes to last a day or two…including clean socks and underwear? Still envious? Or is there a little pit in your stomach right now like there is in mine?

When I started a locally focused blog two months ago, I knew I was serious about one thing…our community. For me, that doesn’t just mean sharing some fun stories written by local moms or giving you the scoop on things to do in the Triangle. It is about getting involved with this community and giving back. Each month, Raleigh Moms Blog is partnering with a local non-profit to help bring awareness to their cause. Using this platform is one small thing that I can do to help give back to this community. 

Note in the Pocket Raleigh Moms BlogLooking for a way to give back? You can start right here in Wake County and it is as easy as clean socks and underwear. Note in the Pocket is a local organization that provides thousands of children (yes, I said thousands) with quality clothing and shoes they can wear to school. Our children face so many challenges at school these days. Having clean clothing should not be anyone’s barrier to education. 

Each school year, you might go to your mailbox and find a letter from Wake County asking if you would like to apply for the free  or reduced lunch program. I received one last year and thought, “wow, this seems like a lot of wasted paper to send out to every home in Wake County”. Do you know why they use all that paper? There are over 51,000 families right here in Wake County that DO fill out those forms, send them back and QUALIFY for free or reduced lunch in our schools. 

The name Note in the Pocket came about when a local teacher, trying to send children in her classroom home with warm winter coats, was stunned to see the coats being returned the next day because parents did not believe that their children had been given the gift of something that most of us take for granted. She sent the coats home again the next day with a note in each pocket letting parents know that they were in fact gifts intended for their children. 

Here are 3 easy ways you can help children in Wake County have clean clothes to wear to school:

  1. Donate money. Go online today and make a tax deductible donation to Note in the Pocket, so they can keep outfitting our community’s children with clean clothes and shoes.  
  2. Visit one of these convenient locations that are accepting clothing donations on behalf of Note in the Pocket:
    Nuvonivo is collecting until 5/8

    Chick-Fil-A at Falls Village and Capital Crossings are collecting through 4/25
    Note in the Pocket will be at Falls Village Chick-Fil-A  on 4/21 for Family Night

    White Memorial Presbyterian Church is holding a clothing drive from April 12 through 18

    B Good Raleigh held  their collection through this past Tuesday and also did note writing…thanks B Good!  
  3. Join us, Raleigh Moms Blog, as we run the Socks and Undies Rundie 5k on Saturday, May 9th at 8:30am on Dorothea Dix Campus. You can contact RMB by sending an email to info [at] and I will give you a discount code for your registration. Our team is guaranteed to have a great time! 

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