California to North Carolina: Why We Moved to Raleigh

We moved from Boone, North Carolina to Northern California in search of a fast-paced lifestyle, endless opportunities to immerse ourselves in culture, and the ease of accessibility to the mountains and ocean. We thought the premium cost of living would be worth the amenities and that sacrificing for a few years would ultimately pay off.

After a year of planning our schedules around traffic, falling asleep to sirens, attending overcrowded fairs and cultural events, and paying over $2,000 a month for a very basic one-bedroom apartment, we decided to start exploring the possibility of moving back to the East Coast.

The Triangle, and Raleigh specifically, quickly piqued our interest because we still wanted to be close to the mountains and the ocean without having to pay the high price tag. As we pored through every article, Facebook moms group, and online forum, we began to realize that Raleigh had a lot to offer. The city is diverse, surrounded by universities, has a great public and charter school system, and has a city feel while still maintaining a sense of approachability and community.

The more we mulled over a move to Raleigh, the more sense it made. My husband wanted to experience all four seasons and I wanted sunshine and mild winters. All our family and friends live on the East Coast and from our research it seemed like the area was on the rise and now was the perfect time to jump on board.

In the past six months, I have been pleasantly surprised and constantly encouraged that our choice to move to the Triangle was the right one.

Our weekend adventures no longer look straight out of an REI magazine, think camping in the Redwoods, climbing in Yosemite, and mountain biking in Lake Tahoe, but North Carolina is a beautifully diverse state and offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor exploration. The amount of creative and thoughtful local businesses to support, exciting events, and resources to connect and engage with community made moving across the country a little less overwhelming.

If you’re considering a move to the area, have recently moved to the Triangle, or just have questions, please reach out to us! There are so many amazing resources for families moving to the Triangle and we would love to connect you with them and help ease the transition for you and your family.

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