Raleigh Moms Blog Contributor Spotlight: Renee Baker

Raleigh Moms Blog is an online parenting resource written by local moms for moms.  Our contributing writers are Raleigh area mamas that are sharing their journey through motherhood and their love of the Triangle area.  Let us introduce you to Renee Baker, one of our RMB Contributing Writers.

Renee Baker - Raleigh Moms Blog Contributor

Renée moved to Cary from upstate New York in the late eighties, when much of the town as we know it today, was still farmland. After moving around Raleigh and Cary several times she now lives in North Raleigh with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.

In addition to being an RMB Contributing Writer Renée teaches group yoga classes at Wake Forest Yoga, Unwined on White, seasonally at Joyner Park, and Healthtrax. She also teaches Children’s Yoga, Family Yoga or private sessions upon request. 

Check out Renee’s favorite things, favorite outings a few more tidbits about herself.

Absolute favorite things:
Getting a scalp massage or foot massage/pedicure
Being outdoors; hiking
Traveling to new places and trying new foods
Green tea or a latte
Yoga and meditation (preferably outdoors)

Least favorite things:
Bad drivers
Texting and driving

Her favorite local places to go with her family include:
Blue Jay Point County Park, Durant Road Nature Park, NC Arboretum, NC Art Museum and Museum Park, the North Hills Farmer’s Market and the Polar Ice House in Wake Forest.

Her favorite places for Mamas in Raleigh are:
Irregardless Cafe, Hayes Barton Cafe, Coquette Brasserie, Waraji and Relax Foot Spa. A day trip to Sunshine Lavender Farm is lovely too, although they also have stands at local farmer’s markets.

Favorite Quotes:
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.     -Lao Tzu

While still in the cage of your being, behold the spirit bird before it flies away.    -Rumi

Contributor Spotlight - Renee Baker, Raleigh Moms Blog

Catch Renee on our Instagram for #RMBTakeoverTuesday  where she’s sharing a day in the life of an RMB Contributing Writer and local Raleigh Mom.

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