Delivering at WakeMed North Hospital

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Delivering at WakeMed North Family Health & Women's Hospital
Preparing for a baby is one of the most precious times in a mothers life. The moment you find out you’re pregnant, everything changes. In my personal experience, pregnancy came with two stages. The first being the excitement stage. Every thought that runs through your mind involves imagining life with your sweet baby in your arms. All of a sudden your Pinterest just became overwhelmed with inspiring nurseries and homemade purée recipes. The second stage of pregnancy is the reality stage. I like to refer to it as the “OMG, this baby is going to have to come out someway or another!!!” stage. I think this being my second, (and my first being a 9 pounder) the reality stage was more prevalent and gave me way more anxiety than I had the first time around. I was terrified to have another large baby.

Choosing a doctor and a hospital to deliver at can be tough. No matter how many reviews you read or people you ask, you’re going to get a million different answers and opinions. After just moving here in October, I finally decided to deliver at WakeMed North hospital. Although it was twice as far than the nearest hospital, we decided to give it a try. (The promise of getting cake and sparkling cider after you deliver there was a no brainier to me… I go where the cake goes.) In all seriousness, WakeMed North’s facilities were very impressive, and I loved the fact that it didn’t seem overcrowded.

With my last pregnancy, I had one doctor. When It came time to deliver, finding out that my doctor would not be on call during my due date was terrifying to me. I didn’t want anyone else to deliver my baby. I had worked 9 months to establish a comfortable relationship with my doctor and the possibility that a complete stranger could be the one to deliver my son was weird to me.

WakeMed North Physicians Women’s Center prepares you to be comfortable with all doctors before delivery. They rotate you through each Doctor, so no matter who is on call at the time of labor, you already know and have met with that doctor.

Delivering at WakeMed North Family Health & Women's Hospital

From the moment I stepped into WakeMed North, I received the absolute best care. It seemed as though with every nurse, doctor, even anesthesiologist I met, I was treated as though I was the only patient in the hospital. (Thanks to my anesthesiologist, I’m a happy camper at 8 cm dilated) WakeMed North is a new hospital, so of course it isn’t as popular as some of the older hospitals in the area, but it is definitely worth checking out. Both my delivery room and hospital room were huge. I felt like I was staying in a hotel suite. One of my nurses even asked if I would like some eucalyptus aromatherapy. Ummm, is that even a question??! HECK YES!

Delivering at WakeMed North Family Health & Women's Hospital

No one ever looks forward to hospital food, but if I weren’t drowning in children at the moment, I’d totally go back for one of their chicken wraps right now! Everything I tried while there was delicious and on my last day, the Director of Food and Beverage came by my room to ask how the food was. I had nothing but good things to say about it all. Even calling and ordering a meal was easy. And by the way, both the cake and sparkling cider were incredible. It was a full size cake and fresh out of the bakery. Who knew hospitals had bakery’s? It was the perfect touch to celebrate our baby girl’s arrival. (I slammed both glasses of sparkling cider. My husband barely noticed I filled his up with apple juice!)

Delivering at WakeMed North Family Health & Women's Hospital

One thing that took me by complete surprise was the fact that WakeMed North seemed to be…well, empty. I think there was one or two other women giving birth the same night and apparently that was busy for them. I feel like I had found Raleigh’s best kept secret! Originally from Massachusetts, where some of the finest hospitals in the world are, even my father was raving about how impressed he was with WakeMed North.

I literally hugged each of my nurses on their last shifts with me. My two main nurses were Nurse Ashley and Nurse Diane. They were two of the sweetest women that I’ve ever met. They took such great care of me and made sure that I was completely comfortable at all times. It’s not everyday where your delivery stay at a hospital seems like a mini vacation. About a week after returning home, I received a card in the mail that was signed and had personal messages from all of my nurses and doctors. WakeMed North really puts in an effort to make sure you are happy and comfortable during your time there and it truly shows. Thank you WakeMed North for giving me the best birth experience I ever could have imagined. It’s really tempting me to have another baby!

Delivering at WakeMed North Family Health & Women's Hospital

And there she is! 4 pushes and we got to meet our little love, Wynn Brooke. 6 lbs 9 oz and oh so photogenic at only 10 hours old! 

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