Mom Chat: Tips to Raising a Mini-Kidpreneur: An Interview with BalloonZ

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Mom Chat: Tips to Raising a Mini-Kidpreneur: An Interview with BalloonZ

Do you have an aspiring kidpreneur at home that you’re ready to encourage to take the next step to pursue their dreams? Here at Raleigh Moms Blog, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and work with Raleigh based mini-kidpreneur, Summer Skye, founder of BalloonZ during our annual Bloom Event and Pop-Up Playdates at Goldfish Swim School in Cary and Wake Forest.

We recently sat down with Tonya Terry, mother of Summer Skye, and she shared with us some good advice on how families can support their kidpreneur and keep their dreams growing.

Tips to Raising a Mini-Kidpreneur: An Interview with Tonya Terry, mom of Summer Skye founder of BalloonZ

RMB: Tell us about kidpreneur, Summer Skye, and BalloonZ.

Tonya:  Summer Skye is a 4-year-old entrepreneur who founded BalloonZ, a party supply company here in Raleigh. BalloonZ supplies premium vividly colored and strikingly designed balloons for birthday and engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings and outdoor parties too.

As a party planner myself (founder and owner of Two the Tee Party Planning) Summer would watch the work being put into planning a number of events and would often ask how she could help. Summer always enjoyed the magic balloons would bring to an event and voiced she wanted to start her own Balloon company. From confetti, mini, giant ORBZ, lettered and distinctively themed balloons (ie: unicorn shaped, cartoon characters, animal shaped), and standard balloons – Summer Skye has developed an eye for balloon decor and is always excited to bring her balloons to parties and events.

When she’s not dreaming up of balloon decor or watching me at work Summer is a bubbly 4-year-old who loves to play with her best friend Molly, dance in her ballet classes and is excited to be a transitioning to kindergarten.

RMB:  What is Summer Skye’s favorite part of working on BalloonZ?

Tonya:  Summer’s favorite parts are going through and selecting the balloons for the website and handing out her favorite balloons and business cards during events or visits to local stores.  As she would put it, 

  I enjoy visiting all the cool places and telling them about my business.

Mom Chat: Tips to Raising a Mini-Kidpreneur: An Interview with BalloonZ

RMB:  What tips can you give moms in the early stages of helping their child pursue their passions as an entrepreneur? 

Tonya:  My advice would be to make sure that your child is doing something they are passionate about. Support them by doing the research and familiarizing yourself with the industry and market they choose.

RMB:  What are the most important skills that you think kidpreneurs can gain from running a business?

Tonya:  They learn great listening and leadership skills.  With a little support, they also learn to be excellent communicators by sharing their product or service with others.

Balloonz KidpreneurRMB:  How can parents help their child balance their life as a kidpreneur and being a kid?

Tonya:  Make sure you’re making it fun! Kids naturally like to play entrepreneur without knowing it. How many of us ran a lemonade stand when we were young? Just continue to let them play and enjoy the fun things that come along with kidpreneurship.

Mom Chat: Tips to Raising a Mini-Kidpreneur: An Interview with BalloonZRMB:  How can parents help their child to pursue their passion and think outside of the box?

Tonya:  It’s important to let your kids be free to dream as big or as small as long as they are dreaming.

RMB:  Does Summer Skye have a favorite kidpreneur or entrepreneur that she looks up, too?

Tonya: As a family, we have enjoyed watching fellow kidpreneur,  Mikaila Ulmer of Me and the Bees Lemonade grow.  Her favorite entrepreneur is her uncle who is a music producer and graphic designer. 

RMB:  Where can families go to learn more and connect with BalloonZ?

Tonya:  We post a lot of fun content on our Instagram and have lots of cool balloons to order on our website

BalloonZMom Chat: Tips to Raising a Mini-Kidpreneur: An Interview with BalloonZ supplies premium balloons of different kinds of birthday and engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings and outdoor parties too. Our collection includes various kinds of balloons for almost every kind of theme party. Whether you want to plan a unicorn themed party or an engagement party for your sister, you’ll get every kind of décor for catering the most incomparable event. We have dozens of balloons all of which are striking and vividly colored. Not only this, the quality of the balloons is not just ordinary, these premium quality balloons are a lot sturdier and stronger than the ordinary ones, which means they’ll certainly last an entire party and days later. 
Our range of balloons includes confetti balloons, mini balloons, giant ORBZ balloons, letter balloons, distinctively themed balloons (like unicorn shaped, different animals and cartoon characters etc), standard balloons and balloons in different exquisite shapes and sizes too. Other than this we also provide custom Logo balloons and custom lace Birthday crowns.  Our goal is to provide the finest and most exceptional party supplies so that you can have a fun time at parties. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and try something completely unique and extraordinary, make your dreams come to life. Visit BalloonZ at and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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