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Using Pinterest For Meal Planning

Ok, I confess…I love Pinterest! Don’t hate me and don’t turn the page. This is not a post on how to create a beautiful craft that could not possibly have taken someone only 30 minutes. If you are on Pinterest, it can be like idea overload! How many of you randomly pin ideas and then […]

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Fashion Tip Friday Denim Raleigh Moms Blog

Friday Fashion Tip – Denim!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be covering the Spring trends in the coming weeks. I figured that today was a good day to start with one of Spring’s hottest trends…denim! You are going to be seeing it everywhere from dresses, to skirts, to jackets and of course jeans. Some of […]

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100 Non-Candy Easter Treats Raleigh Moms Blog

100 Non-Candy Easter Treats

Maybe a bit belated for North Carolina, but it finally seems that Spring has sprung!  It’s amazing how weather can affect a family mood. I’m sure, come August, we’ll be complaining about the incessant heat, but for now I’m ready to really enjoy everything that comes with the new season… including Easter. For me, the […]

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Waverly Place Cary, NC Raleigh Moms Blog

An Afternoon in Waverly Place in Cary, NC

You may remember Waverly Place as a near-abandoned shopping center with old blue roofs. Basically, a cramped Whole Foods Market was the only reason you would venture in.  Today, just off Tryon Rd. and Kildaire Farm, you will find a much different place! The entire plaza has been redone and so many new businesses are […]

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Spring Clean Your Closet Raleigh Moms Blog feature image

Spring Cleaning – For Your Closet

Hi ladies. Ask and you shall receive! Are you loving this warm weather as much as I am? And with the time change, I’ve been in heaven. The kids and I have been outside every day playing for so long, I’ve been struggling to get dinner and baths done before 7:30. I’ve also been struggling […]

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Building Raleigh Moms Blog

I’m a Raleigh Preschool Mom

Another Tuesday morning, another day I am rushing my one-and-a-half year old out the door because we are running late again. She is begrudgingly tagging along, looking at me like “jeez louise lady, I wish you would just calm down, lets see if there is another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on On Demand”.  The guy […]

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