You’ll Know at the Finish

You'll Know At the Finish Raleigh Moms Blog“You’ll know at the finish” they said.

I’m not sure I ever fit into a group. In high school I was a friend to all and belonged to none. I was in the marching band, but had friends on the cheerleading squad. I loved heavy metal and got down and dirty with deep poetry when my teenage angst grew too heavy to handle. After college, I scored a video gig in Washington, DC and I had to hang with the big boys in the male-dominated production realm. After I had my first son, I became a stay-at-home mom, but longed to work. After I had my second son and moved to NC, I was finally proud to be “just mom” but became surrounded by Etsy-ville and suddenly decided to make friends with felt. When I finally broke into freelance I had a kid in 1/2 day Preschool where the other 1/2 day was spent impatiently waiting for me to “finish my deadline”. Blasted, I could not seem to get it right!

Then I jumped the fire.

You’ll know at the finish they said. Oh I knew. I knew I finally belonged. I now was part of one of the most powerful groups of people I have ever been honored to make acquaintances with.

“Arooo” she said. Wait, did someone just say something? “Arooo” I heard again. A couple people behind me at the grocery store a woman had that gleeful look on her face as she pointed to my Finisher shirt and proudly sang out “Arooo”. Oh yes, my people!

Much like the famed military chant “Ooh rah” that notifies a fellow Marine, the battle cry of “Arooo” means a fellow Spartan. A fellow comrade that fought in the same fitness arena as you. We like to recognize it, share it and spread it. Arooo folks, it’s OK, you’ll know at the finish.

You simply don’t go to a Spartan, you ARE a Spartan. You live and breathe Spartan. Because what I realized was that I didn’t have to “belong” to anything because I was already part of something greater than I could of imagined. I was the best part of me and that, I saw, was enough. No matter what I did for my career or my family, as long as I was being the best “Kim” that I could be, I was enough. I AM enough. Failing is OK, because a Spartan means being your best and never comparing that best to anyone else. No one can take that finish away. Being a Spartan is a mindset…where your hard work and drive towards your goals is never faltered, never wavered and never given up on.

I became a Spartan and there is nothing else in this world I would rather do for fitness. I am working towards my Personal Trainer Certification to be an advocate for anyone who wants to “know”. I am taking a leap of faith in my life right now because of the blood, sweat and tears I shed making myself a devotee of that commitment. I was recently asked how I decided to pursue a career change? My response was: I learned I am worth the risk.

Will it be hard? Yes. Will I struggle? Yes. Will I be scared? Yes. Spartan Up.

I tell my boys regularly to “Spartan Up”. It’s become a comical response to whining, complaining and the dreaded words, “I can’t”. Spartan Up kids, because in life there are obstacles. So figure out how to get through them since there is no skipping them.

You’ll know at the finish they said. Yes. Yes I did.

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