You Are Beautiful

Too many women don’t realize they are beautiful just the way they are.

Right now. What you look like right now. RIGHT NOW. Your “present”.

Those of us with laser focus on performance goals have a tendency to forget that even the greats in the fitness world started somewhere. I am guilty beyond measure of comparing myself. At the Ninja event a few weeks ago, I was fan-girling with these eliou’rete Warriors and every time they asked if I was racing, I laughed and coughed out a blatant, NO. As if, “are you kidding me?” That’s so silly. Wasn’t it? But I am CAPABLE. I have come a long way. I always forget that. It’s time I stopped. It’s time we all stopped forgetting.

You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are masterful. Yes. YOU.

If you won’t tell yourself, then let me tell you for you. Stop and reflect. Oh just humor me, I know you’re busy. Take a breather. Listen.

Obstacles are everywhere. You are working so hard. You are juggling what you have in front of you. Each obstacle whether it be work, significant other, a home, a family…or what if you have hardships? A layoff, a death, a deployment, an illness…there are obstacles in EVERY life. Your obstacle is relative to you and should never be compared. I am always caught apologizing for complaining about a stressor and those friends far smarter than me remind me I’m at MY worst. It’s OK to feel your lows even if they aren’t as low as others. They’re yours.

Plateaus are everywhere. You are working so hard. You’re juggling what you have in front of you. You put the effort and don’t see the result. So change your thinking. Your plateau is a reminder that you are human. Your plateau is there to show you how strong you have become in the face of change. Look at that plateau, observe that plateau and learn from that plateau. In your journey you’ve gained the knowledge you need to address the situation and see what needs to be adjusted. So do it.

Success in others is everywhere. You are working so hard. You’re juggling what you have in front of you. But so is Mary. And Sue. And Jane. Use their success and allow it to motivate you to keep going. Celebrate your teammates. You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down. Come on people, we deserve to share our successes and cheer on our opponents knowing their effort was just like ours. Your time will come and you’ll bathe in the glory of the praise they will sing for you.

Have you not slept because your daughter is teething, but skipped the chocolate fest and loaded up on nourishing food to propel you through your day? Did you stand on your feet at work from 8-6 and then come to the 7 o’clock class? Did you work overtime for your new boss then kill that workout in your basement? Endless juggling and it astounds me how you keep it all together. You amaze me!

When you work hard, own it. The next time they ask me if I am competing, I will tell them I am trekking to South Carolina to complete the Spartan Beast and earn my Trifecta. I won’t hide behind my achievements. You and I can both celebrate where we are.

Cherish yourselves. Support each other. Be proud of your “present”. Because tomorrow you will be that much better.

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