Work Hard, Sleep Harder: Facts for Every New Parent Who is Sleep Deprived

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It has been almost six years now, but I still vividly remember holding my baby girl for the very first time and feeling like the universe had just given me the VIP pass to a secret portal. A portal filled with immense joy, infinite happiness, and, as I would soon find out … very (very) little sleep.

In fact, in the first few days, weeks, and months of being a new mom, I was often overcome with this feeling of betrayal by parenting books. I was starting to realize that sleep is not really a part of the motherhood equation.

Why didn’t every parenting advice start with you will not sleep!?

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Research Proves that New Parents are Sleep Deprived

A survey of 2,000 parents, facilitated by Mattress Firm, said that the average parent loses a third of their nightly sleep after having a baby, decreasing from an average of six hours per night (which is already so low) to just four hours. Even further the research mentions that one in four parents reported that they would eat only baby food for an entire year if it meant their newborn’s sleep schedule would match theirs for the first year of infancy

Work Hard, Sleep Harder: Facts for Every New Parent Who is Sleep Deprived

Call it evolutionary adaptation, or selective memory, but I would voluntarily go through that same “VIP” portal two more times (couldn’t resist the cute and cuddly I guess). Each time surprising myself with how my sleep hours were dwindling to three, sometimes even two hours of sleep per night. 

Thankfully though, if “you will not sleep” is a parenting truth, “time flies” is the ultimate parenting truth! And in the past 6-years I have watched my three kids, ages 5, 3, and 1, finally (FINALLY) make friends with their sleep schedules. Now, I just have me to blame for not sleeping.

With all my day accounted for by drop-offs, pick-ups, work, errands, cleaning, cooking, and sometimes showering, the night has become my savior. I long for the hours after the kids’ bedtime when the house is quiet and I finally have some time to myself to read a book, play with my art supplies, hang out with my husband or (gasp) catch up with social media.

Getting adequate sleep may seem impossible for new parents, but it has become equally impossible as a not-so-new parent myself.

Going back to surveys, research, and numbers, when parents were asked at what point they felt they had mastered being a parent, 41% stated that it was when they were finally able to get their baby to sleep through the night. While a staggering 27% said that they just learned to function without sleep

Since when did a good night’s sleep become a luxury?!?

All these numbers I am quoting here are based on a recent study conducted by Mattress Firm to expose the value of a good night’s rest for new parents, especially moms who experience the brunt of the sleep deprivation.

Not only did it reveal surprising data about parents’ sleep habits but it also proved the basic fact that sleep is essential for resolving stress and preparing for the morning ahead.

Forget the old adage “work hard, play hard”, I am all about Mattress Firm’s new and improved “Work Hard, Sleep Harder!”.

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep can have a dramatic impact on your overall life and happiness. As experts on how you can get the best night sleep, Mattress Firm knows this well. 

Work Hard, Sleep Harder: Facts for Every New Parent Who is Sleep Deprived


Whether your first child is on the way or you have a full house like me, finding a bedtime routine that works for your entire family can often seem so illusive. But while it might be hard to get the recommended amount of sleep yourself, it is possible to make sure your bed is your sanctuary that will restore your mind, body, and spirit as soon as you fall in it!

This to say, it is easier to control the quality of your mattress, than to control the unpredictability of your sleep schedule.

From diaper duty and late-night tantrums to potty training and bedtime stories, there’s no doubt that parents work hard.

That’s why Mattress Firm is here to remind you to take a deep breath and remember to sleep harder.  There is no doubt that convenience and comfort are key for new parents’ sanity. Maybe an adjustable base for late-night feedings (breast or bottle) isn’t just a dream you had. At Raleigh Mom’s Blog, we are thankful to partner with a company that is here to remind mothers to focus on themselves.

Find a store near you and take the first step in making sure you shop for a mattress that makes it easier to be a non-stop superhero!

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