When You Need A Little Mommy Time

Special Guest Post By Author Tammy Andresen

My path to becoming an author started with motherhood. I have three beautiful daughters. I love them with all my heart and they are always first in my life. But when my second daughter was born, I felt like my life was lacking.

It wasn’t the diaper changes, or the endless games of peekaboo. It wasn’t even the board books that I read over and over. What was most difficult was no one said, “Wow you did a great job today.”

It turns out there are no accolades for staying up half the night or successfully managing a toddler playdate.

My husband gave me all the support he could, but he was busy trying to keep us afloat in a sinking economy. He had his own worries. And I missed the outside world telling me I had done a good job.

I wasn’t unhappy, I just needed something that was mine. Something I could look at and say, “Hey, I did that!”

A long time reader of romance novels, I decided it was time to sit down and write my own. I had no idea how difficult it would be.

I would write at night. I would write during naps. I would plot points in my head while we played doctor and hairdresser.

It took me two years to finish the first draft and three more to get it published. It was more difficult than I ever imagined possible.

Lily in Bloom By Tammy AndresenI have edited the book from start to finish at least seven times.

I worried that I was taking valuable time away from my children. I worried that all that time would be for nothing and no one would pick it up and read it.

My oldest daughter is now ten. She loves books and reads voraciously. Upon seeing my first novel in print, her eyes lit with delight.

“You did this, Mommy?” She was proud to have a mother who had written a novel. I couldn’t ask for any more reward than that. My need for Mommy time has turned into something that has inspired my daughters.

If you need a little Mommy time, go ahead and pick up a book to read. You might feel you are taking time way from your kids but you might also be teaching them that reading is a valuable way to spend time.

Did I mention that I have a great book for you to get started with? 

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But before you read, let’s hear your parenting success stories! Did you change 15 diapers? Teach your child to ride a bike? Make it through soccer practice? Tell us and hear the “Great job!” you deserve today.

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