What You Probably Want To Ask, But Might Be Afraid To…

So, you’ve had a baby or two (or three or four or more). Your body is well, maybe not what it used to be. And you know what? That is totally ok! That body of yours did amazing things. You produced another human being for goodness sake! 

But have you ever wondered…

How many more crunches do I have to do?

Will I ever feel good in my clothes again?

Is this normal?

Will my breasts ever not look like deflated balloons again?

What exercised can I do to tighten up these love handles, or this belly “pooch” or these saggy breasts?

Have any of my girlfriends had Botox?

What is the world is CoolSculpting and does it really work?

Mama, you are NOT alone. Trust me. We all know our bodies did these amazing things. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can magically feel comfortable in our own skin after we have kids. Carrying babies does a number on your body. From the way we look and feel on the outside to the way things function on the inside…no seriously…do you need to do a few dozen more kegels or is it possible you might need a bladder “hammock”? 

We are right there together, but so many of us are afraid to ask the questions or even find out if some of our best girlfriends might be struggling with the same thing. That is why I am so excited to be able to offer this event!

What if you could be in a room full of women that probably have the same exact questions as you and nobody calls each other out…we just mingle, sip some delicious wine and slip our questions into a little box and our questions get answered anonymously (oh, and it’s free). Does that sound scary? Or completely awesome?


::Mom’s Night Out – An Out of The Office Event With Dr. Pyle::

MARCH 3rd, 6-9PM at Vita Vite

You will not want to miss this event at one of downtown Raleigh’s newest wine bars & art gallery! Join us for a night of fun at Vita Vite on March 3rd (6-9pm) with Raleigh Moms Blog and Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery! This is not a sales pitch, nobody is going to try to convince you to have plastic surgery. This is a chance for your question to get answered in a fun, non-intimidating environment among women…just like you.

Moms Out Of The Office Raleigh Moms Blog Davis and Pyle Raleigh Events

We are thrilled to have Dr. Jeremy Pyle join us to answer some of our most burning questions on mommy makovers, breast augmentation, liposuction, CoolSculpting, Botox and more! 

Feeling shy? All questions will be asked in a completely anonymous format. 

Grab a girlfriend or two and come have a glass of wine and some tasty apps on us! You are gauranteed to have fun and learn a little something new about your body too! 

Each attendee will receive a swag bag, generously gifted by Davis & Pyle. We will also be giving out savings on Botox, as well and giving a treatment away!

This event is JUST for the ladies and we can only accommodate 30 people, so register NOW!

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