What I Wish I Had Known Before Baby

What I Wish I Had Known Before Baby - Raleigh Moms Blog

Perhaps one of the most significant transitions in life is giving birth and coming home with a baby. Many of us have never even been admitted to a hospital until we go wheeling into those maternity ward doors ready to burst. And then, a few short days later we are sent home with this new tiny baby that we are completely responsible for and who is completely dependent on us! Even with classes and numerous books, there are still some things that we just have to learn as we go. Honestly, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know …and so I didn’t know what questions to even ask before taking my shiny new bundle of joy home for the rest of his childhood!

With Mother’s Day and Bloom upon us, we decided to poll our bloggers with one simple question….”Complete the sentence…What I Wish I Had Known Before Baby?” Our team consists of 14 spectacular Moms who spend every day keeping things real and blogging about it. Collectively we have 29 kids, from age 6 months to 15 years-old. That’s a lot of babies! They will always be our babies, won’t they? Keep calm and read on for the team’s answers and see which ones you relate to the most.

  • “That being a SAHM was not going to work for me!”
  • “That there is no shame in things not going smoothly – other moms are struggling, too! (Don’t fear reaching out and connecting with others.)”
  • “How to change a diaper.” (Especially advanced diapering, like blowouts, leaky legs, rompers without snaps, a baby who likes to roll or squirm, and public bathrooms without changing tables! Oh my!)
  • “That boobs don’t always work no matter how much you want to breastfeed. Learning to forgive your body in many ways.”
  • “Amen sister! What she said! And praises for Similac. And may no other mommy ever feel ashamed for formula feeding.”
  • “It’s okay to ask for help… (still learning that one)”
  • “As amazing as it was to become a mom, I think I almost got MORE joy out of seeing my husband become a dad.”
  • “Minivans really were created with a mom in mind!”
  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff….if your 12 month-old isn’t walking, 2 year-old still takes a paci, your 3 year-old isn’t potty trained, 4 year-old only eats chicken nuggets, 5 year-old still sucks his thumb, 6 year-old still likes to snuggle in your bed every once in a while,  7 year-old still uses training wheels. It’s the small stuff and they will make those milestones on their own time!!”
  • “…that although I waited my whole life to meet them, my kids zoomed from high chairs to high school in no time at all (well, middle school, but that’s not as poetic).”
  • “That my free time would drastically change! What did I do with all that time before?”
  • “Although breastfeeding is all natural, that breastfeeding does not, in fact, come naturally. I should have found a good lactation consultant from the very beginning.”
  • “….diaper genie knock-offs go in the garage not in the nursery.”
  • “That the first year flies! Forget vacuuming and just snuggle.”
  • “Every baby is different. Don’t compare your baby to your friend’s baby or even your other children.”
  • “Your inner Momma-Bear will rear it’s ugly head – ‘HEY, don’t you dare take his sand bucket!’ I yelled at the other kid in the sandbox. Ooops!”
  • “You will question every parenting decision you ever make from this day forward.”

There you have it! Very real advice with a little comic relief (although not always funny in the moment).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mommies and Moms-to-be!!!

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