Troubleshooting Mama

Truth be told I’m a Troubleshooting Mama.

Who remembers back to high school computer class? I remember learning how to find my way around the computer and learning to type. The first time I was told to troubleshoot, I started looking down at the keyboard expecting to find a button that was marked troubleshoot.  Yeah, I can take things pretty literally!

As a mom, we are constantly making decisions for our little ones.

We decide what they eat, when they sleep (or at least we try for a schedule), we decide the doctors they go to, the schools that they go to, the diapers they wear and the bottles they use. We are constantly making decisions to help them through life and to support their health.

Yes, we are blessed to have many options, but sometimes as a mom, it can be dizzying.

A few months into becoming a mom I was feeling overwhelmed with breastfeeding, sleep training…. #allthethings! I felt like I was getting too easily overwhelmed. Yeah, most of it was probably postpartum hormones, but I wanted to be able to also find a way to grab my emotions and be patient with myself through this new learning and growing process. This is my way of me taking the pressure off myself while also learning and growing.

One day it dawned on me to view motherhood as a constant process of troubleshooting.

Why? Because my motherhood journey is unique, my daughter is unique.

No comparing, no mom shaming here!

It is my responsibility to continually seek the best for her but every first try is not always going to be successful. Thankfully my daughter sleep trained easily but breastfeeding was a whole different story! So when I am presented with a rash, a food aversion, or an attitude I can’t seem to get to the bottom of the process seems less painful and I have less tension in my pursuit of a solution as I “troubleshoot” for the answer.

Now when I hear another mom struggling with finding the best answer to helping her child overcome something my perspective is totally different. I let her know that she is troubleshooting for the answer, and that help is around the corner no need to feel overwhelmed or discouraged because she’s not alone… I am troubleshooting right along next to her.

It’s okay to not have all the answers right away. It’s okay to keep going in the right direction to the next step. It’s okay, you’re okay And it’s going to be okay!

Are you a Troubleshooting Mama? Share with us in the comments how you navigate through motherhood.

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