This Ain’t No Minivan

This ain’t no minivan.

I’m not sure minivans come in lime green. I might have considered. Wait, no I wouldn’t have. We ain’t no minivan family.

So much so, that our family of four…yes FOUR…had only one…yes ONE…car for five…yes FIVE…years. Phew. That’s a lot to take in. But really, is it? Me and the hubs both work from home exclusively. His company is based out of DC and mine is local but I am blessed with the opportunity to design my magazines from my quaint home office. So why would we need a second car?

This Ain't No Minivan Raleigh Moms Blog

I think what shocks people more is not how many cars we had but what kind was our one and only. When women find out they are due with a little bundle of joy, they pick out the crib and shop for the minivan. It’s an almost immediate search for which model they can trade in their sharp “single days” car for. Except that didn’t happen to me. Yeah, no. I was never into minivans. Like ever. Never.

You are really curious aren’t you? What our car was? A Honda FIT of course! The family about to embark on a fitness journey most certainly drives a FIT. “You must not travel a lot then”, I get when I name the type. Well, negative to that. It’s amazing what you can fit…in the FIT! Or, how efficient you become at packing, is more like it. We traveled to NJ twice, GA, FL twice and Virginal Beach countless times. I will say my husband is a top notch spacial relations Specialist. He can pack like nobody’s business. It’s a talent really.

Not only did our FIT fit items well, it fit us well. We aren’t small people. I breed giants as our boys are both the tallest in their classes. With the hubby standing at 6’3”, we were comically the clown car. We would unfold from the FIT to stares of wonder how we managed it. Magic. Or, much time spent researching, test driving and sitting in every make or model prior to purchase. Seriously, the FIT really was a perfect fit!

So, our family of four…yes FOUR…had only one…yes ONE…car for five…yes FIVE…years. Notice I said had. HAD one car. After five fabulous years, our family ended an era. A fabulous era that was never a burden yet always doable. But, with the new business on the horizon, the need for two cars was inevitable. We are now the proud owners of a fun, bright green Scion. I’m in love with that sporty little baby!

This Ain't No Minivan Raleigh Moms Blog

So really, do I look like I like minivans? That car is the polar opposite. And so am I. I know that makes me less up to speed with the Joneses. And, it makes me stick out in the carpool line. I already show up to conferences wearing workout clothes, run crazy Spartan races and feed my kids veggies and fruit. I am one crazy chic! Woah Nelly, I should slow down!

Did I mention my new car has racing seats?


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