Thinking of Trying for Your Next Baby? Get Well+Prepared

Thinking of Trying for Your Next Baby? Get Well+Prepared.  

Baby+Company has offered unique, evidence-based prenatal care and birth options to Triangle families since 2014, focusing on supporting wellness, building family-friendly community, and empowering and educating clients. This month, they will launch Well+Prepared, a brand new program to bring that same focus to pre-pregnancy.

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“The best way to have a healthy pregnancy and birth is to start pregnancy healthy,” says Amy Romano, Baby+Company’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs, who led the team that designed Well+Prepared and piloted it in the company’s Nashville location. “In our quest to improve maternal and infant outcomes and reimagine how to deliver healthcare to growing families, we recognized our biggest opportunity was to reach people before they became pregnant. We want to support people to be as healthy as possible and get a plan in place for pregnancy and welcoming a new baby.”  



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The Well+Prepared program starts with a comprehensive individual consultation with a nurse-midwife and a health coach. They will review your health and lifestyle in depth and make recommendations that are personalized for you to help you conceive a healthy pregnancy when you are ready.  Ongoing one-to-one coaching is available if you are working toward a health goal, such as weight loss, improved nutrition, better sleep habits, or reducing the impact of stress on your health.  




Well+Prepared also offers classes and workshops that zero in on the big questions people have when trying to conceive. You can sign up for one class at a time, or all four.


  • Eat: Learn simple ways to eat better for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.
  • Breathe: Start your mindfulness practice for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.
  • Nest: Get smart about money, before baby.
  • Conceive: Know your fertility signs so you can conceive when it’s time.


In the coming weeks, we will explore these topics and what it means to “Get Well+Prepared” for a healthy pregnancy with Baby+Company.

Well+Prepared is available to anyone, regardless of whether you plan to have your next baby at Baby+Company.  But it is a great way to get a taste of what Baby+Company is about, and explore your options for your next pregnancy and birth, whether you’re just starting to think about it or actively trying to conceive. Learn more about Well+Prepared and sign up to get started.

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