A Spa Date With Kids – at Home!

As a kid, I remember being completely mesmerized with all of my mom’s lotions and potions. The smells, the textures, the colors. It all seemed so much fun. Now, as a mom myself, it’s fun to see how my kids are similarly interested in all of the things that sit on my vanity tray. At this point in their life (5 years and under) I think this interest has to do with how cool the spa beauty products look rather than the vanity of it all. I mean, who can resist things like compact cases that have little mirrors inside, sticks that pop up with color when twisted, and brushes as soft as feathers?

I think it is important to reward this curiosity just like anything else. In fact, it seems like an important lesson to show them that taking care of your body is a good thing and that feeling good about yourself is important. The challenge however, is to make it all fun rather than implying that “beauty” is something sold in a bottle at the store.

So next time your little ones show interest in your beauty routine, try planing a special spa-date at home using these 5 ideas below that happen to use items that are gender-neutral, all-natural, and cheap (if not free!).

How to Plan a Special Spa-Date at Home for the Kids

Some tips to get started…

  • Create a tray for each child, or make one big communal one with several or all of these options.
  • I usually have two big bowls of water – one warm with some citrus floating in it (’cause it looks cool) one cold with ice cubes (no reason except kids like ice cubes) to wash up in-between each step.
  • A dish towel for each child to take care of the wiping and spilling is also a good idea

A Spa Date With Kids - at Home! - Raleigh Moms Blog

Sugar Scrub

We have a small lavender bush in our yard, so for our scrub, we used lavender sprigs along with lemon extract. You could try zesting a lemon or lime and subbing different herbs such as rosemary or sage. Then add to melted coconut oil and granulated white sugar (adding nothing at all works just fine too). Adjust the oil and sugar proportions until the texture feels similar to wet beach sand. Apply generously to hands for a manicure and to the face for an exfoliating facial.  If you aren’t afraid of a mess, use it on your feet for a pretty awesome pedicure. Kids are very sensory-this scrub is a real hit.

Face Mask

After the scrub, comes the mask. Avocados make a pretty awesome moisturizing face mask given how fatty they are. It also makes a big effect since they are bright and green. If you’d rather use your avocado for dinner, a few tablespoons of yogurt with honey makes a quick substitute. To make it extra fun, apply with a brush (I literally cleaned some of my wide paint brushes for the task). They can apply it to their own face or on yours or their siblings. 

Cucumber Eye Mask

What’s a spa-day without some cucumbers? Once the mask of your choosing is on, add two chilled cucumber slices on the eyelids. Then relax and sing some Michael Jackson songs (as suggested by my kids).

A Spa Date With Kids - at Home! - Raleigh Moms Blog

Beet and Blueberry Blush

After the scrub and the mask, let’s add some color. Roasted beets and frozen blueberries (defrost and do not discard juice) are surprisingly awesome at this task. Using fingers or paint brushes, add color to the lips, cheekbones, or even eyelids. This is more for the fun of it rather than trying to get made-up plus it saves your makeup!

Orange Peel Perfume

Lastly, its time for a bit of perfume. I love orange peels with all the natural oils. They make a perfect addition to a day of beauty. Peel them in big chunks. Fold in half, squeeze and rub on your wrist, neck, or behind the ears. This may sound incredibly silly to some, but it is amazing how good you will smell by just using something you normally throw away. Your kids will learn to appreciate an orange peel on a whole different level from then on.

I hope you mamas try this at home and report back with your experience. And as always if you have any new tricks to add to the proverbial “make-up bag” please do share. Happy Spa-Date!

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