Resolutions or Lifestyle?: Four Tips to Longevity in Fitness and Health

Resolutions or Lifestyle: 4 Tips to Fitness Longevity - Raleigh Moms Blog

Are you making resolutions or lifestyle changes?

The clock strikes midnight, the ball drops and so do the empty promises. It’s inevitable every year with what starts off as great announcements of grandeur that end up falling to the waist side, unfulfilled and incomplete. The fitness industry strives on these resolutions. January 1st is always a flurry at gyms, GNC’s and online fit companies. The prior months looked grim, but owners everywhere bank on the fabulousness for what January brings.

So, let’s change that!

I understand the “New Year, New You” concept and agree it’s the perfect place to begin. I tell clients regularly to start at the beginning. And the beginning of the year certainly does fall on January 1st.

But what if we didn’t end by February 1st. What if we continued and just didn’t stop. The great announcements of grandeur wouldn’t be announcements anymore, they would be plans. And those plans would become schedules. And the schedule would become a lifestyle.

I will never endorse nor put down a fitness regime, healthy cocktail or choice or X-day fix. I only chastise the short lifespan many of these programs end up having. Whatever works for you, will work if it is continuous. One of the most important rules in achieving a healthy lifestyle, is consistency. You hear it often from fitness pros that their success lied in being consistent. That is not a lie. It is 100% the truth. It’s one of the only ways that you can succeed.

Jump on any bandwagon, whichever floats your boat, tickles your fancy or ruffles those feathers. Join, proclaim and announce the start of your new “you”.

But don’t stop. Whatever you do, don’t stop.

Resolutions or Lifestyle Changes: 4 Tips to Fitness Longevity - Raleigh Moms BlogHere are four tips to longevity in the health department.

(Being 30 pounds lighter for more than three years, I know a thing or two of how to keep going.)

1. Realistic Plan

Start with a plan that is not too far off from your current one. If you are on the couch, not in the gym, then plan to go 1 or 2x a week to start. Setting your goal for 6 days a week is too far off from your norm to stick.

2. Eliminate, Then Re-Instate

If you plan to eliminate from your diet, start with a few things. Overhauling your daily meals is a huge jolt to your system. If you are doing a 30-day, keep at it for the 30 and then allow yourself to bring some foods back into your diet so that the plan is sustainable.

3. Fitness Goals

Don’t just set the goal to show up, but set a physical goal. I started with wanting to continue a move for 30 seconds without stopping. I then had a goal to do an actual push-up. That graduated to 5 push-ups in 30 seconds. Then I wanted to do a pull-up. Catch my drift? Keep making new goals.

4. Reward Towards Your Goals

Reward yourself at each benchmark…and NOT with negative influences. When you continue the resolution past January, reward yourself with a new workout outfit. Or reward yourself with a challenge of a new type of class. My gateway drug to fitness was Zumba. After I reached my January goal, I said congratulations through signing up for a Kickboxing class. Rewards should not be food, drinks or what takes away from your goal, but rather what brings you closer to your next.

2018 will be the year…the year we turn resolutions into plans, plans into schedules and schedules into our lifestyle. Almost 4 years of my weight loss. Yup, I know how to keep going.

How are you making lifestyle changes in 2018  goals?

We would love to hear from you!

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