Pregnant? Don’t Buy Anything Until You Read This!


Now that you’re pregnant, if you’re like a lot of women, you want to start shopping! You want to buy diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, etc – I know I did!

However, let me share a little secret – don’t buy ANYTHING. Seriously. Not one thing.

The reality is, you don’t know what the baby is even going to like. You don’t know of allergies, things that may annoy them, and truthfully – you don’t even know when you’re going to have them. If your baby comes 2 months early – are you prepared to take care of a preemie? If the baby comes late and weighs 15 pounds (don’t freak out, I just came up with a random number!), are you prepared to skip newborn size and head straight to 0-3 months? If you plan to breastfeed, what if the baby doesn’t latch? What if your supply doesn’t meet their needs? And what if you have multiples? There are many ways that you could potentially waste your money, so why bother?


Here are a few tips to get most of what you need, for next to nothing while your pregnant.

Step 1: Make a list of every item you can possibly think of, that your baby may need or want.

  • List everything from feeding to nursery decor to safety equipment. EVERYTHING.

Step 2:  Don’t be afraid to reach out to companies for samples, coupons, trials etc. 

  • And don’t pick one! If you put down formula, then list Enfamil, Similac, Earth’s Best, Gerber, etc. 
  • Contact every single brand you listed. Every. Single. One. It can be via letter, email, their websites, through the Sales Rep that works with the Pediatrician, etc. Make sure you contact them in some way, shape, or form. And just to be safe, I always contacted them by two different methods. For example, just in case email isn’t checked, I sent letters. Let them know you are expecting and you heard great things about their products! Ask if they have samples, coupons, ways you can try out products, first-time mom programs, etc. 

Step 3: Join mom groups on social media and in your community or borrow from friends.

  • Many don’t have the time to do consignment (like myself), so we trade among ourselves. I recently just traded a booster seat for a box of children’s books, and this weekend I’m trading a swing for a bookshelf for the nursery. 
  • Look into joining mom support groups on social media such as our RMB Community & Connection Group to stay connected with local moms right here in the Triangle. 

Step 4: Wait for those items to come in before you shop. 

  • This probably sounds silly, but seriously – wait! It took a couple of weeks before items started coming in. I received lots of emails pretty quickly, but actual items took awhile. And if you absolutely must buy something, it’s time to learn how to start couponing! I’ll save my tips on that for another day ;-).

Now don’t get me wrong, not every company is going to give you something. However, the most you’ve invested in trying is a minute of your time or a 49 cents stamp.

I came up with one letter/email/paragraph that I used for every company and just changed a word or 2 to ensure it was tailored toward them.

If you have any questions about how to get started, or if it seems overwhelming let us know in the comments.

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