Potty Training – Are We There Already?

It sounds so cliche, but where did the time go? I can’t believe that my little one is already potty training. She will be three in August and was showing signs that she was ready. Truthfully, we attempted potty training months ago, but she wasn’t ready. We didn’t want to force it, so we just waited until she was ready. 

There are lots of different potty training methods, tips and techniques. Like all things in the world of parenting, you could make yourself nuts reading books or taking copious amount of both solicited and non-solicited advice. In our house, we have been sticking with our tried and true technique called “the no plan plan”. I believe that for the most part, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to potty train. You have to do what works for your child and your family. 

It our house, we have been using Pull-Ups® training pants as we transition to real undies. The first weekend we started, I decided to clear the calendar and try the 3 day method. This method amounted to a lot of laundry and carpet cleaning for me, so I decided to try Pull-Ups® instead. Initially I was afraid that if we used Pull-Ups®, she wouldn’t catch on and would think of them like a diaper. That hasn’t been the case for us. I have not noticed an increase in accidents and frankly, it took the stress away for both my husband and I, as well as our daughter. She loves that her Pull-Ups® have her favorite Disney® characters on them. We were very quickly able to ditch diapers and even just use the nighttime version, which is slightly thicker at bedtime.

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So what are we doing that is working?

Patience, grace, and trying to make it fun! Does anybody like changing diapers? Potty training is not really a joy either, but we are embracing this stage with our little one as we know it is only a short time and soon we will wish we had these days back (at least most of them). It can be hard at times to be patient, but remember this is totally new for your toddler. They had no clue what is going on with their little bodies and it can be scary for some kids.

Try to make the process fun! We have had good success with one of our favorite tubby dolls. She is always in the bathroom waiting for her next dip, so one day my husband grabbed her and pretended she was peeing on the potty. You know what? it sounds simple, but it worked! Now dolly often has a turn on the potty first and then our little one is eager to take her own turn. 

potty training raleigh moms blog

If you are out of ideas…check out the Pull-Ups® website for some more potty training fun games and ideas. They have all kinds of fun things that you can try! 

You can also take a short quiz to find out what your child’s potty training personality might be. Hey, I was willing to take all the help I could get!

For us, we are almost there I think. We have not quite made it through the night yet, but she wears undies all day at school. We still put her in Pull-Ups® for the drive to and from school though, or like last night when we were with friends for dinner. She still gets a little busy and distracted and forgets to let us know that she needs to go. 

Every day gets a little easier and we are proud of her progress! Now…if we could just get her as excited about washing her hands…

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