From Poop to Grace: Life Lessons in the Journey of a First Time Mom

From Poop to Grace: Life Lessons in the Journey of a First Time Mom

Photo Credit: Callie Hurst Photography

I am a first-time mom.  At 35, I am in a new season of life that is difficulty wonderful.  I have a 3-month-old son who is one of my new all-time favorite humans.  Before he was born, I would tell you that I was nervous because I couldn’t even keep a cactus alive.  Now that he is here, I would tell you I am still nervous but learning. 

If you’re in that journey of new motherhood here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

  • Bodily functions are a part of everyday conversations now

    • Poop, spit up, pee.  It is all so second nature that I forget other people probably don’t want to talk about what color poop my son had today.  Or the fact that he spit up in my mouth this morning.
  • Do not Google every symptom

    • Sites like WebMD is now a no-no for me.  I have to avoid Googling every symptom that I think my son has.  The Internet can be a scary black hole that sucks me in and all of the sudden I am self-diagnosing my son with something he definitely does not have.  As a first time mom, I found myself running to the Internet every time my son sneezed or coughed. I need to make note of symptoms but realize I am not a doctor and the Internet is not my medical degree.
  • It takes a village

    • As a mom, I would love to believe that I am a superhero and can raise this child on my own, but it really takes more than just me.  I need other mom friends that can just simply say, “Yeah me too” or “I promise you it gets better”. I need other non-mom friends that keep me young and hip, help me be connected as I have been kept close to the house watching my trashy reality TV.  I need those sweet ladies at the church that will watch my little man while I go to Target or just simply take a nap/shower. I need my husband to play with my hair or wipe the spit up that I didn’t know was on my shirt. It takes more than me and that is okay.
  • Sleep deprivation is a real thing

    • I have learned how to function on little sleep.  My son is a sleep fighter and will do everything in his power not to sleep which means I am doing everything in my power to stay awake.  My husband and I have started writing down the funny things that happen or are said in our sleep deprived states. Like the time my husband sat up and said, “I need to finish the wallpaper now.”  To which I replied, “ummm, what?” He muttered something only understandable to him and fell back asleep. I treasure these moments to hold against him later on.
  • Grace upon grace

    • The final thing I have learned is that I need to be a grace giver.  To whom you may ask? To myself. I am not a perfect mom; however, I am a perfect fit of a mom for my son. I am in a learning process and so is he.  We are learning together. So I must remember to breathe and take a moment to realize that he is only this little for a short amount of time. To take each moment, treasure them in my heart, and figure out how I can shower in 5 minutes today. 

I know there is so much more for me to learn.  Like when I returned to teaching and my little man started daycare.  Or when we have a babysitter come over for our first date night since nugget was born.

It was Julius Caesar who is quoted as saying that

Experience is the greatest of teachers.

As a first-time mom everyday I’m learning something new.

From Poop to Grace: Life Lessons in the Journey of a First Time Mom

Photo Credit: Callie Hurst Photography


For all those first-time mamas out there you.are.not.alone! We’re all going through this crazy and blessed motherhood journey together.

Tell us in the comments below your best tips, advice, funniest moments or just candid frustrations that you’ve felt during the journey. We’re here for you, mama!



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