Our Summer Bucket List – Unplugged

Summer Bucket List - UnpluggedI’m trying not to panic, but in less than two weeks the kids will be home for the summer! I suspect the first – oh maybe – two hours will be fine and then the boredom and cabin fever will set in. My three little sweethearts will begin to turn on each other and some kind of suburbia Lord of the Flies will go down…ahhh!….okay okay (just breathe)……I’m letting my imagination get the best of me.

But, seriously, the kids will be home for 80 days straight, not that I’m counting. What ever will we do? Oh sure, there’s the week of vacation, VBS, and daily swim team practice, but what about the day-to-day when we are home staring at each other… that’s the real challenge. I’m not much of a planner (more of a Type-A wannabe), but seriously I NEED a plan! I need goals! So, despite my worst fears, I put pencil to paper and listed out this year’s ‘Summer Bucket List’… saving the best for last.

10. We will take a nature walk each week. There are so many beautiful parks and trails in our area. I want my kids to breath the fresh air and hear the singing insects of summer.

9. We will make homemade ice-cream and lemonade at least once. Isn’t that what summer is all about!

8. We will take a weekly photo-walk with a photo assignment. They will be asked to use their point-and-shoot cameras to capture photographs of things such as the sunrise, a bug, a pattern or shape found in nature. The best part is we will have photos to document what we did over the summer.

7. We will go to the library, join the summer reading challenge, and read without the aid of an electronic device. Let’s hear it for old-school reading!

6. We will potty-train the youngest. (Okay, not the most exciting item on our list, but being real here.) Potty-training is so much easier in the warmer weather. Hello SUMMER and goodbye DIAPERS!

5. I will make packed lunches every morning. I am already in the habit of waking up and sleepily slapping sandwiches together while the coffee pot dribbles out my morning joe. This way, when the kids hound me down with cries of “I’m hunnnnnnngray!” I can point them in the direction of their already-made lunch. Win!

4. They will learn to clean the bathrooms. Last summer, my little charges learned how to do the laundry, change bed sheets, and make sandwiches. Now, we’ll add cleaning bathrooms to their growing list of life skills! I’m not expecting perfection, but we’ll work through it together.

3. We will build something outside with wood and nails. This is a bit lofty, I know, but whether it’s a birdhouse or a lean-to; WE WILL build something with our hands and hard work! I anticipate a few scrapes and bruises. (Note to self – Fully stock house with Band-Aids of all shapes and sizes!)

2. We will put on a play. The kids are at various ages and stages, but I know they could work together to put on a play. Something like The Three Bears with a modern day twist sounds fun and kids love being creative!

1. Finally, the kids will unplug and experience real boredom! Electronics (i.e. video games, T.V., iPads and smart phones) are fine when used for educational purposes or rewards, but I draw the line when they are the sole source of constant entertainment. Learning how to make good choices when feeling bored is a ‘must’ on my list of life lessons.

I will try to post a re-cap at the end of August, but if you don’t hear from me, I may very well be holed up in the back of the pantry throwing what food I have left at my three little savages…

Wish me luck!! Happy summer!

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