My Daughter May Never Be President

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When my husband and I started talking about having kids, we were always kind of on the same page that we didn’t really want to miss out on the opportunity to be parents, but we weren’t really sure we could handle a whole soccer team. In fact, I’ll just say it…we have always kind of thought we would be “one and done”.

For us, it makes sense. We got married in our mid and late thirties, we both tend to travel a lot for work, my family doesn’t live nearby, so we have to fly to visit them. One kid is portable. Two kids are pricey. One kid feels manageable. Actually, I’ll be honest, I love my child dearly, but most days I wonder how I am even managing one. We’re doing it though. We are raising this happy, beautiful little girl. To us, she is perfect, so why mess with perfection?

Interestingly enough though, as it turns out there are several reasons you should mess with perfection. Just ask anyone who looks at you with a blank stare when you respond “no, I think we’re one and done”, when asked if more babies are on the way. Short on time? Don’t worry, I’ve taken the liberty to lay out for you.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Have An Only Child:

  1. You’re being a little bit selfish
  2. You’ll change your mind when she is older and then it may be…too late.
  3. You should see how cute my kids are together
  4. Studies show that only children are not well-adjusted…and my personal favorite
  5. It is actually a fact that no only child has ever been President of the United States

Let’s revisit paragraph two for a moment, shall we? I have days when I am excited that we both just made it through the day alive. Nobody told me I was supposed to be grooming the next president of our nation! Was that on one of the forms they make you sign at the hospital before you can take your baby home? Was it below Never let your baby sleep in bed with you…ever…they will die ? I mean, things were kind of hazy. Maybe I should have paid closer attention. Where can I get my copy of How to Raise The Next Commander-in-Chief?

I think one of the most interesting thing about parenthood is our human nature to judge what other parents are doing. I’ll admit, I have raised my own eyebrow a time or two when clearly, as listed above, I could in fact be really damaging my own offspring. I guess I just kind of thought that the one million unsolicited opinions you are offered during pregnancy would subside after you gave birth. 

Honestly, this is all in good fun. I know that people share their opinions with the best of intentions. Who knows? Maybe we will end up with a whole soccer team. For right now though, I just want to enjoy this time with my sweet girl and see if maybe I can do a really, really good job with one…candidacy or otherwise.



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