Five Creative Mommy & Me Classes Every Raleigh Mama Should Try

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I have been a teacher for 10+ years and have always dreamed of being on the other side – having my own child to take to Mommy and Me classes.

Welp, it finally happened!

I am a new mama and on a quest to find the fun, engaging, purposeful classes in the Cary/Apex/Raleigh area! I’m a teacher during the school year and a stay at home mama during the summer. It was important to me to find classes that are friendly for all mama schedules!

Five Creative Mommy & Me Classes Every Raleigh Mama Should Try

*Fun fact: Most of these Triangle area businesses are owned by local Mamas!Mommy & Me Classes - Raleigh Moms Blog

1. Zumbini with Karyn

Zumba and babies?!!! I’m a huge Zumba fanatic and when I found out about Zumbini, I knew I had to check it out! Although different from a typical booty shaking zumba class, Zumbini is a music and movement class that includes music from around the world, fun concepts, and so much exploring! The songs are really catchy (even for mama!) and boy do you work up a sweat! Zumbini is a great class if you have a child on the go since the format is so flexible and the music always has everyone moving! *Morning and evening classes*               

2. Fit4Mom Stroller Barre 

It is rare to find fitness classes where you are able to take your child with you and actually include them in your workout! Fit4mom does exactly that! I decided to try Stroller Barre because I love ballet. The stroller is used as the “barre” and it’s just so fun to pretend to be a fit ballerina for a moment. However, the class goes beyond the barre and the instructor uses several areas of the park for the workout which includes plenty of cardio and full body workout. While you work it out, the instructor walks around and sings or blows bubbles for the kids. They also have fun activities for the kids after the workout. The day I attended, the kids all got a coloring page and then had a race and even wore burpies! It was so cute! Work out with your children and make it fun for them too, it’s a win-win! *They offer a variety of classes in the mornings and evenings*

Mommy & Me Classes - Raleigh Moms Blog

 3. Songs for Seeds 

Songs for seeds is a very unique experience. There are three musicians: a guitarist, piano player, and drummer. They all sing and have creative activities based around their fun music. They also have a bubble machine that blows enough bubbles at a time for the entire class to enjoy that Louie was in awe of! Towards the end of class, they let the children take over the mic to sing any song they’d like (this was adorable!) as well as play with their instruments! *Morning and late afternoon classes*

 4. Bliss Body Baby and Me Yoga 

This class is exactly how you picture it, relaxing, beautiful, and full of zen with the exception of a very little Louie who was doing a lot of talking during everyone’s namaste! This yoga session is for mamas of all levels so do not be intimidated! I learned different stretches that made my body feel so much better and they also showed us some helpful stretches for baby. We sang really cute songs, did some interactive play, and did a whole lot of connecting and bonding with our babies. *Morning classes*

 Mommy & Me Classes - Raleigh Moms Blog

5. Babies on The Move 

This class is led by two local Pediatric Physical Therapists. It was great to be surrounded by a mix of mama’s that had concerns about their babies and/or were there for ideas to continue to help their baby develop their gross motor skills. The therapists discussed some of the milestones of the age group present but also asked the moms for questions and concerns, which guided the class. The therapists went around and did simple, quick assessments with each child and gave the mama’s very helpful tips to work on at home. If you have further concerns, they also offer appointments for Developmental Screenings. *Morning and weekend classes*


Louie and I had a blast checking out these classes for you! They are all so different from each other but we truly enjoyed them all! We also met so many friendly faces and worked up a good sweat! Mamas make sure you wear clothes comfortable enough to chase your little ones or get sweaty (you will get sweatier than you think!)

Do you have a favorite “Mommy & Me Class” that you and your little one enjoy? Share the fun and tell us in the comments below.

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3 Responses to Five Creative Mommy & Me Classes Every Raleigh Mama Should Try

  1. Bobbi Vinson
    Bobbi Vinson October 3, 2017 at 8:56 am #

    Love it Valerie! I would also add Signs of Learning by Jessica Kelly and North Raleigh Gymnastics had a great mommy & me program when I needed them.

  2. Avatar
    Tina Rodgers October 3, 2017 at 9:40 am #

    This is an amazing resource and I will share it with my preschool parents and my Bliss Body yoga momma said!! Thank you so much for the kind words. Sometimes it hard to know if you are making a difference and you just made my whole day!
    Much love
    Tina Rodgers

  3. Avatar
    Kate November 6, 2017 at 11:05 am #

    Great blog post, Valerie! So many fun options out there.

    I run a program for “Mommy & Me” style Spanish classes in Cary, Apex, and Raleigh. Parents learn Spanish along with their little ones: Would love to have you join us!

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