Littles and Lattes: Kid Friendly Raleigh Coffee Shops


As a mom of two, I need no excuse to drink coffee at any and all times of the day. But for those of you who need a reason here,it is:

September 29th is National Coffee Day.

That’s right- a day to celebrate this magical elixir that helps me be more tolerant of my son’s fart jokes and my daughter’s incomprehensible shrieking. Despite the parent mellowing qualities of coffee itself, I’ve found some of the shops that sell it less than kid-friendly. So in honor of this day, here are a few shops that I frequent in the Raleigh area that seem to tolerate my oh-so-tiny but oh-so-loud kids while I sip on (or chug)  my cortado.

Kid-Friendly Coffee Shops in Raleigh


This coffee joint is one of my favorites when the weather is nice. Its location in Lafayette Village gives it an actual backyard- one with tiny picnic tables.   Bring a blanket or a soccer ball and let the kids run around like the little monsters they are while you look on; serenely sipping an almond latte. A great place to meet another girlfriend with kids. Bonus: They give out free espresso on Friday mornings until they run out. Worth getting up a little early for in my opinion. 

Kid-Friendly Coffee Shops in Raleigh - Raleigh Moms Blog

Somebody loves their local Coffee shop. Just like Mama!



Outdoor seating and mini donuts in flavors like “PopRocks” make this a killer place to take the kids when mama needs her caffeine fix. They also have a full menu plus beer and wine. Live music and pop-up markets make this a popular place to gather for the  Raleigh community. 


You could run into adorable pups like Paxton.

Benelux’s Cameron Village location has Raleigh roasted coffee, Belgian waffles, and a mural made out of coffee. There is limited outdoor seating but plenty of tables and couches inside.  There are locopops on sale for the kids and beer for the adults. Benelux is the first coffee shop I’ve ever been to that is not only kid-friendly but also dog-friendly inside.



I’ve never trusted people that don’t like coffee ( ahem…looking at you husband) but this may be the perfect compromise. This beautiful chocolate shop has a coffee shop in it. After wandering through the chocolate factory, bring some truffles out to the patio to snack on with your coffee. As you would expect, their mochas and hot chocolate are to die for. And the frozen hot chocolate is a huge hit with the kids. 


Want some coffee extra credit? While not technically a coffee shop, the NC Museum of Art has a small coffee kiosk, the Sip Cafe, adjacent to the museum store. It’s perfect for those days when you want a distraction for the kids and a little culture with your coffee. 

This roundup of coffee sellers is by no means exhaustive. We live in a coffee wonderland here in the Triangle area. Get out there and try one of these amazing shops on National Coffee Day or visit your own favorite place. Either way, let’s raise a mug to coffee and the places that make it delicious. Cheers, mamas! 

Do you have a favorite kid-friendly coffee joint that you frequent? Share with us in the comments below.






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