Inspired By An Untethered Life

Y’all. I just couldn’t NOT share this with you. Recently I stumbled upon @theuntetheredlife on IG. Isn’t it funny … and one of the loveliest things about Instagram actually … how you can very accidentally find something or someone fantastic? Magic does happen. Sometimes. Even on social media.


So. If you don’t follow Emily at @theuntetheredlife (and it’s likely that you don’t), go, find her and follow her. She’s a homeschooling, photographer, momma of 8 and her feed is stunning. Stunning. I’m not kidding. Emily does something that I’ve rarely found on any social media site. She offers you such a remarkable peak into her life, that something happens to you … to your own life. Something shifts. You’ll quickly feel as if maybe you shouldn’t be looking in on her family. It all feels too personal and you won’t be able to help wondering if you should back slowly away and leave them to their sweet, private lives. Yet, her photos and her words are out there. They are out in the world for us to find and read. And then pause, reflect, meditate and … FEEL. Her lifestyle appears to be, well, untethered and it isn’t for everyone.  It isn’t even for me. And, by that, I simply mean that I’m good with my two kiddos. My two babies that I’m raising in the ‘burbs after birthing them in hospitals, with epidurals. Wink, wink. But, none of that matters. Because her words will make you believe in the possibility of another way. They’ll make you feel more in tune with life, closer to God and yearning to be careful and intentional with all of your own words and actions. What matters is that her words, combined with her photos, pierce straight into my heart and soul. Her words make me want to go into the rooms of my littles as they sleep, scoop them up, breathe them in and cherish their littleness. Her words take my breath away. They make me pause. They make me want to be slower, steadier, more present, more real. I have never, ever written an article based on one woman’s IG before. Ever. But, if she manages to stir your heart, the way she stirs mine, than every word will be worth it. So, go. Go follow @theuntetheredlife and soak in all of her glorious goodness. And, check out her blog, Sweet Milk and Sunshine too!

I stumbled upon The Untethered Life through @thebohemianbluebird. You should follow Ashley too. She creates unique, cute jewelry and spins beautiful life tales … and she’s a local Raleigh girl. 

Have you come across any Instagram feeds that have inspired you? We’d love for you to share!


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