I’m Not Ready for Men’s Shoes

“He might need to go up a half a size, but those are men’s.”

Jaw dropped. There is no way in this world I am buying my son men’s shoes. I’m not ready for men’s shoes.

Mainly because he is 8.

I'm Not Ready For Men's Shoes - Raleigh Moms Blog

Yup, I have an eight-year-old that is the size of the Jolly Green Giant. Every time I look at him I feel like he has grown. And his darn feet. Just this past weekend at his Ninja competition, he needed shoes with a better grip. He looked at the bottom of mine and they matched what he was looking for. He looked at me. I looked at him. No, there’s no way. He tried them on and they fit. We were in hysterics. He wore my shoes in the competition!

I haven’t even started thinking about him getting older. His voice changing, growing hair or needing deodorant. He’s EIGHT! But now I worry, will I need to watch out for all of that soon?

Both my boys are tall. I breed giants! Because of that I have no sense of the size children are supposed to be. A kid will come in for our camp and I’ll screech looking up their birthday to come to realize they are 6, heading into 2nd grade and have been potty trained for years. They are just average size. My growth chart expectations are skewed!

In Ninja Competitions, we get asked, “is he really only 8?” from nervous parents of fellow competitors in the 5-8 category. Their stares make me feel I should have him run the course with the 9-12 age division. But, I don’t. He IS only EIGHT! I swear. I promise. Do you need to see his Birth Certificate?  It has definitely crossed my mind to carry it with me.

Most of the time Corey acts his age. This helps any question if he’s four years older. He’s wild, walks with loud, dorky steps, cracks fart jokes at inappropriate times and nags me relentlessly. (Oh wait. That won’t change in four years will it??)

But in acting his age, he also trusts me to know the answers, tells me fabulous stories of his Lego creations, hugs me good morning every day and looks up to me.

So, I’ll take it! I love that he is tall like his dad. One day he will be taller than me. But then I’ll just have to look up to him, as he looks up to me now.

Have your kids recently hit a growth spurt that leaves you to wonder is it time to shoe shop outside of the kid section? 




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One Response to I’m Not Ready for Men’s Shoes

  1. Sandy July 26, 2017 at 10:44 pm #

    It’s hard to accept my beautiful little grandsons are getting bigger and older every day. Corey does often remind us that’s he’s just eight, like you described in your blog. Then there’s this little boy (who’s just eight), who can hold adult conversations about many things including different wars, math, Harry Potter, and Greek Methology, to name a few. He is who he is in his height and shoe size because of genetics (I knew the ‘adult’ shoe size was coming from our last visit to Dick’s Sporting)….he is who he is because of you and Tim and your love, dedication and consistent parenting. As Corey’s Nana, and your mom, I step back in awe and pride! Love you!

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