Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can #ShopLocalRaleigh

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  In case you don’t have a calendar near you or don’t know the date off the top of your head, it’s Sunday, May 13th!  If you need a little help deciding what to get your own mother, aunt, or mom-friend (or what to ask your husband and kids to get you!), here is a quick round-up of some thoughtful gift ideas that can be purchased locally here in Raleigh. 

Shop Locally in Raleigh with these Five Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can #ShopLocalRaleigh

1. Flowers

Flowers are an obvious option but instead of fresh cut flowe­rs, I recommend getting a flowering plant that will last much longer.  Orchids or a potted hydrangea are beautiful choices.  I recently received a potted hydrangea that I absolutely adore.  Potted plants are truly gifts that keep on giving! 

Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can #ShopLocalRaleigh

2. Photography

You can never go wrong with a framed photo.  Nowadays, we obviously keep so many of our photos digitally so it’s nice to take the time to have them printed and framed.  And what mother doesn’t want to have more photos of her child(ren)?  Along the same lines, gifting your mom with a family photo session would be so well received.  Likely she’s always having to pull teeth to get those (inevitably PAINFUL) sessions scheduled so throwing her a bone and agreeing to do them without complaining would be such a welcome and thoughtful gift.  

3. Personalized Jewelry

Another thoughtful gift is personalized jewelry.  Charm bracelets or necklaces with engraved grandkids or kids initials, names or birthstones make a thoughtful timeless gift. 

  • Where to Buy Locally: Charlotte’s and Moon and Lola are both based in North Carolina and have a broad selection of monogram jewelry at various price points.  


Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can #ShopLocalRaleigh

3. Food

Want a sure-fire win?  Tickle her taste buds with a delicious meal she didn’t have to cook or plan herself.  Giving a gift certificate for some fresh, healthy and meals that she doesn’t have to cook is sure to be a winning gift!   On a budget?  Cook for her.  She’ll love to get to have a night off but also to spend quality time with family.  

Something She Wouldn’t Buy Herself

Lastly, giving mom something that she is unlikely to buy herself is always a thoughtful gesture.  Or as my three-year-old son would say, “a special treat.”  Moms are busy and frequently are taking care of everyone but themselves.  Candles and soaps are two things that she can use and enjoy but are unlikely to spend money on to pamper herself.  The other great thing about a gift like this?  It doesn’t add to the clutter!  It is useable and disposable.  Or pamper her with a pedicure or a facial for a relaxing hour or two to herself! 

  • Where to Buy Locally: The Local Squirrel in Cameron Village features all local products and has some of the yummiest smelling candles.  Zest Café + Home Art is a great spot for all kinds of lotions and potions that will pamper her.  Synergy Spa is fabulous for facials and pedicures. 

Local Culture

Chances are most mom’s you know could use a break from thinking about kiddos all the time or just want to experience the arts.  Raleigh has a great arts and culture scene to tap into.  Treat mom with theater or musical tickets to experience something new. 


Hope these ideas might have offered a little gifting inspiration.  This Mother’s Day take a little time to yourself to reflect on how awesome motherhood is. Wait a minute, if you have a little time for yourself then take a well-deserved nap!

Where are your favorite places to shop locally during Mother’s Day?

Please share with us in the comment section below.


Mother's Day Shop Local Raleigh

Cameron Jones of Cameron Jones Interiors and Adorned Adobe

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