There’s an app for that! 5 Apps to Organize Your Life!

The world of smart phones has truly made getting organized easier than ever! In the palm of your hand you hold every bit of information you need to navigate life. There’s some great apps out there but knowing which ones are the best can be frustrating when you’re browsing the app store. We’ve rounded five tried and true apps to organize your life! 

Are you a bargain hunter? You have to try Yardsale Treasure Map (Shawn Kolodgie). So cool – this app uses Craigslist data with the location information and tells you with pushpins where many of the current day’s yard sales are! Happy bargain hunting! 5 Apps to Organize Your Life! Raleigh Moms Blog

Do you find yourself writing your shopping list each week with generally the same items? Or worst, you get to the grocery store and realize you left your well planned list at home on the kitchen table. Grocery Gadget Shopping List (Pingwell Inc.), is great for keeping those frequently bought items on lists that you can organize by store or product type. Items are easily entered manually or by scanning barcodes with your phone! Voila! And a little grocery side-note – Boxtops just released the first app where you can enter Boxtops for your school electronically. What?!? – no more snipping and clipping Boxtops! One less clip for Moms, one giant leap for MOMkind!  

5 Apps to Organize Your Life! Raleigh Moms Blog

My next favorite app for mom life is called, well….‘Life’ – Period Tracker, Menstrual Cycle Calendar (Lovetap LLC). This sweet little app simply keeps track of your cycle – no more sudden surprises by ‘Aunt Flo’. And if you are trying to get pregnant or use natural family planning methods, Life can help you determine when you may be ovulating.

5 Apps to Organize Your Life! Raleigh Moms Blog

Okay this next one was a game-changer in my household! Do you have Google Calendar yet? Soccer games, school events, doctors’ appointments, vacations, business trips, social events, and yes….even date night – all go on our calendar that is synced between me and my husband. Who’s going where, when, and who’s driving – it’s all there. I am no longer grand keeper of all schedules!!! Wooohooo! In fact, 3 out of 4 marriage counselors recommend having a shared Google Calendar – seriously, not serious.

5 Apps to Organize Your Life! Raleigh Moms Blog

Cardstar (Constant Contact, Inc) is another app that deserves the “small-but-powerful” award. Tired of keeping up with all your VIP cards and membership cards – scan them all into this app and use them when needed. Cardstar also has integrated coupons and shopping lists.                                                                                                                                                                                        

For those of you who are pregnant or nursing/pumping:

We’ve all been there with a new baby at the pediatrician’s office and the nurse asks you for the exact number of wet diapers, poops, and feedings in the last 24 hours and your sleepy brain tries to make a feeble attempt at making an acceptable guess from the past 24 blurry hours…well, guess what, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are lots of apps for that. Some of the most popular include, Baby Feed Timer (Fehners Software LLP), MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion (Medela AG) and iBabyLog (Palanati Group, LLC). Lasinoh just recently released an app, Lasinoh Baby, that syncs with your breast pump! Lop-sided boob jokes aside, no more guessing which side you last pumped in the wee hours of the morning!

This blog was by no means sponsored by any of the apps noted above. I’m just a Mom sharing a few apps that have made the day-to-day grind a little more seamless! What’s your favorite app?


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