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Find Your Mom Tribe

The to-do lists and expectations we have as moms can bring on stress. We’ve all been there. On top of our already packed schedules, we have school events to attend, homework to be supervised, a grocery list (not to mention grocery shopping) to manage all while juggling a busy workday. It can be overwhelming.

Who supports us in these times? Who keeps us out of the dark spiral of stress and negative self-talk? Who literally reaches out with a loving arm, grabs us by the hand and helps us get it all done while staying positive through it all?

Our Mom Tribe, of course.

What is a Mom Tribe Anyway?

A Mom Tribe is your support structure of like-minded moms. These women are clad in clothing of all sorts and personalities of all stripes. They share our condition, the I’m-just-trying-to-make-it feeling we get sometimes as moms. Where it’s all you can do to get lunches packed and kiddos to school with clean clothes, full bellies and warm smiles. Because of these shared experiences and interests, our Mom Tribe is uniquely suited as a source for advice, friendship and fun.

Where Can I Find My Mom Tribe in the Triangle?

So where can you find these gems? Your Mom Tribe might include other moms that you meet at your kids’ school or the neighborhood pool. They might be colleagues from work or connections on social media. There are lots of ways to find and engage with your Mom Tribe in the Triangle. Here are a few resources that can help.

Facebook Groups

Raleigh Moms Group 
Raleigh Moms Group 2.0 
Apex/Cary Moms Group 
Networking Women of the Triangle 
Raleigh Area Moms 35+ (with kids under 5) 


Stroller Strides of Cary/Apex/Durham/Holly Spring Moms Group
North Raleigh/Wake Forest Stay at Home Moms Group
Wee Play! Playgroup for Infants,Toddlers & Preschoolers

Play Groups

Play Groups in the Raleigh-area

10 Best Places to Meet Moms in Cary, NC

Mobile Apps

Mom Tribe App

And don’t forget about right here at Raleigh Moms Blog for networking, advice and events.

We have so many opportunities to find like-minded women who will be there to say “Rock on, sister!” They are there with food at your door when times are tough. They are there, wine in hand, to celebrate the good times. Your Mom Tribe is there for you. Period. Go on, find your Mom Tribe in the Triangle.

Got tips on how to build a Mom Tribe? Share with other Raleigh-area Moms in the comments below!

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