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Tis’ the season in which fashionistas, celebrities, glamour magazines and the like publish their lists of “Favorite Things”. I’ll admit, I am easily lulled in by the slightly over exposed photos with pastel highlights and a dream-like glow. However, after reading about some of the indulgences, like a $60.00 tube of silky soft botanical everlasting lip-stain, I begin to feel like I’ve slipped a few ticks on the glamorous-to-frumpy continuum. In reality, my Mom-life wouldn’t bode well with such luxuries as a 10-step face cleaning regimen or a branded saddle-stitched leather purse that would be filled with such things as a half-eaten PB&J deemed yummy enough to save for later.  

Let us not forget, perhaps the very first list of My Favorite Things made it’s debut in 1959 as Julie Andrews sung about “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” Such a far cry from Oprah’s 2016 list with an Orbit key finder and APL Tech Loom Phantom sneakers. Although very cool, I will attempt to tone down the high-life a bit (really just to humor myself) and list my favorite things for mom. These are the things that get me through my day. Oh yes – it’s about get real!  Brace yourself!  

Favorite Things for Mom Raleigh Moms Blog

So, to the tune of yoga pants, peppermint-lattes, and early alarm clocks, here are a few of my favorite things….Favorite Things for Mom Raleigh Moms Blog

  1. The all-in-one razor with a built in surround-suds shaving cream block, like the Schick Intuition razor. Literally shave minutes off of your beauty routine!
  2. Little Black Dress approved – Deodorant. No, I’m not about to swagger myself into a night club. But seriously, getting dressed most mornings is often a mad dash and I may deodorize before or after I slip on my little (not really) black t-shirt. I just don’t have time for deodorant marks.
  3. Hope in a Jar by Philosopy daily face moisturizer. Hello moisturizer, you had me at ‘Hope’! Yes, the price point is a bit of a splurge, but a little goes a long way and I keep it on the top-shelf; out of reach from my budding finger-painting artist.
  4. The Neem Clay face mask by JustNeem. A sweet friend gave this to me as a thank you gift once. And girlfriend there is no turning back! This stuff is Ahhhhmazing! I love the fresh scent. It’s also kind of cool too when you paint your face green and scare your little ones. Muahhhhhahaha! Take that Mr. Early Riser! And did I mention, Neem is made and sold right here in North Carolina?!? Shop local!
  5. A 4-slice toaster.  I was making toast like a mad woman one early morning, while trying to keep up with my three toast-monsters with my wee little 2-slice toaster, when I had an epiphany – ‘Momma, just go out and get yourself a 4-slice toaster!!!’. Best impulse buy ever! My 4-slice toaster has brought me to a whole new level of sanity! Ahhhhhmen! 
  6. My battery-operated electric TOOTHBRUSH. First comes marriage, then comes baby, then comes enormous amounts of coffee. If you ever want to lose sleep at night read about biofilm on teeth (a.k.a. plaque). Combat those nasty coffee stains and prevent plaque build-up daily by using an electric toothbrush. (Nope, sorry, I’m not giving up coffee. I. Just. Can’t.)
  7. A pretty nightgown. Yep I traded in my sweatpants and college t-shirt for a flowy boho-style nightgown. Momma, you deserve to feel pretty even when you sleep! Sleep is precious.
  8. The iLife Robot Vacuum. Don’t judge me until you’ve walked a day in my kitchen with crumbs sticking to your feet! Uck! I run my little vacuum friend about twice a day – after breakfast and before bed. And now when someone compliments me on how clean my house is (just don’t look in the closets) – I can say “oh, I have help you know” (wink). My kids even named it Scout. Hmmm..maybe it’s a sign we need a dog.

There you have it – my not-so-glam list of favorite things – from an everyday Mom just coping with the hustle and bustle (and a bit messy) regimen of life. Although not Julie or Oprah-worthy, these are a few of the things that allow me a bit more time to do the very best things that I love….like tickling little baby-feet, kissing a nose sprinkled with freckles, and becoming part of an impromptu pirate game of the wildest imagination!

**None of these product were sponsored. I just wanted to share  few time-saving sanity-preserving ideas with fellow Moms. Enjoy!

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