Daytime Adventure Turned Business Venture

Do you ever find yourself looking at a really cool item online or in a store and thinking to yourself (or heck, speaking out loud to no one in particular), “I could make that!”

Well, that is how I started a little project with my kids. At the time there were only two of them and they were aged 5 and 3. The project was letter photography. The premise is to find normal structures and look at them in a new way; see them as letters. For example, the reflection of the sun on water makes a really cool lowercase i. Once you have collected a series of letters, you can begin to spell words, or more popularly, names.

Daytime Adventure Turned Business Venture Raleigh Moms Blog

I knew my brother-in-law was a fan of this type of art, so I decided that I would set out to find the letters to spell his last name and frame them for his Christmas gift. As an added challenge, I was taking the children on the hunt with me! How hard could it be? His last name is six letters long. Certainly we could find six measly letters!

I borrowed a nice camera from a friend and armed the young ones each with an old camera. We headed downtown. Once I explained the instructions and showed them examples, they were off!

I was really worried that I was not going to be able to get my pictures taken, so I assigned the children the task of finding the letters in their respective names. What an unexpected, fantastic experience. We explored the architecture of Raleigh, used our imaginations, got a lot of exercise, and practiced letters! They were so excited to find “their” letters in everyday objects. And to have their own cameras so they weren’t fighting constantly for once. Ultimately, we stayed out for over 2 hours. I had to convince them to come home (I was tired and getting hangry)!

Here are a couple of the letters that the kids found that day (Y and L):

Daytime Adventure Turned Business Venture Raleigh Moms BlogDaytime Adventure Turned Business Venture Raleigh Moms Blog

Now, six years later, my little project has grown. I started selling pieces by word of mouth, and then as my library of letters grew, I eventually set up a website. I cut my own mats to accommodate the word/name being spelled. This is obviously something that anyone can do, but if you don’t have the time right now and would like to consider a letter photography piece, please check out my website!

I offer a variety of custom options with black mats or white.

Daytime Adventure Turned Business Venture Raleigh Moms Blog

For longer names, I frame each letter individually and then mount them together on a piece of wood:

Daytime Adventure Turned Business Venture Raleigh Moms Blog

There are also children’s gift options:

Daytime Adventure Turned Business Venture Raleigh Moms Blog

I work with each customer to create a custom design. I also sell the letters individually if you already have your own frame in mind. (If you are ordering for Christmas, please order by December 15. For local orders, we can work out a delivery option and cut out shipping costs!)

This “little” project continues to capture the attention of my children, especially if we visit somewhere new. They love pointing out new letters to add to my collection!

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    Diane Fischer December 9, 2015 at 10:44 am #

    I may not be totally impartial, because I love everything about my daughter-in-law anyway, but I AM a very satisfied customer of her “Lettography” business! I have given gifts to several people and they are always thrilled and amazed. It was fun recently to gather pictures in a trip to Italy to attend a wedding event for friends’ daughter who married a wonderful Italian young man. We collected photos galore of letters and Allisen was able to edit/select/supplement ours so that we could create a very unique and appreciated wedding gift of the name they now share! LOVE my daughter-in-law and LOVE her “Lettography” business!

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