Creative Ways to Cope With Being Away

I’ve traveled a fair percentage of my time as a mommy and depending on the length of the trip, I’ll take a framed photo for the nightstand—little things to help me think of my sweet girl! It is hard for us to be away, but the experiences you can gain from work travel and the meetings you can accomplish far outweigh a few days or weeks away.

It wasn’t until my most recent trip that I came up with a genius idea – the travel buddy. While I cannot take full credit for the idea—it may have been done somewhere in the past, I’d like to think it is my own original masterpiece. I will share it with you below, along with a couple other tips that will make travel time away for work or pleasure a whole lot easier to cope with than it might be today:


Creative Ways To Cope With Being Away Raleigh Moms Blog

Saying Good-Bye

This is by far the part that you have to do correctly. Make sure they are distracted but still know that you are leaving. The last time I left her she was completely engaged with her grandfather’s birthday party (and cake icing, oh boy!). I told her that I was going to head out with daddy. I had been prepping her for a few weeks; letting her know where I was going, what I would be doing and how long I would be gone. While she doesn’t grasp the true concept of time at her age, I’m learning preparation is key. She was fine. For many reasons she was fine.

Stay Connected

Organize a video call with whoever is watching them. Fair warning! This could go amazing or it could quickly spiral out of control. When my little one was an infant, this was an okay thing to do when she was with her grandmother. However, now that she’s a full-blown toddler it can be hit or miss! Don’t schedule the video call for a time when she is tired or “hangry”. Let’s be honest, even if you were there in person this might be an unpleasant time. Video calls can be awesome if you are in a setting that you can show them “look at the palm trees! I’ll bring you here one day!” or you can turn the tables “what are you doing? Play-doh?! That is so fun! Can you mold a heart?”

Creative Ways To Cope With Being Away Raleigh Moms Blog

Get A Travel Buddy!

This is my favorite. I always bring back a little something, even if it’s a lolly and we talk about it beforehand. This time it was a famous stuffed pig (Peppa). I located the doll in the airport and she became my travel buddy. She went through security with me, ate dinner, played hide-and-seek and waved goodbye to Vegas! I only sent one photo to my husband during that time and he said it was a big hit. When I introduced my little to the doll, she was SO excited! Then, I showed her all of the adventures Peppa and I had been through together. She loved it! I was absolutely exhausted and I may have looked like a fool taking photos of a stuffed pig, but to be honest—I was having fun!

Needless to say, there are quite a few ways you can enjoy your time away and still be thinking about one another—it doesn’t matter what age, either. Let us know what tips you have for mommy travel and your littles. If you ever end up trying the travel companion or any of the other tips, be certain to share!

Creative Ways To Cope With Being Away Raleigh Moms Blog

Creative Ways To Cope With Being Away Raleigh Moms Blog

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