Cloth Diapers Are Easier Than You Think!

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I never imagined I would use cloth diapers. Before having kids, I always imagined I’d do whatever one else I had ever known did and use disposable diapers. It wasn’t until I got pregnant that cloth diapers were even on my radar and even then it was a joke. When I got pregnant, we were a dual income household. As a teacher, my income wasn’t a lot, but the plan was for me to stay home after our baby was born. So while I wasn’t making a killing, it was a significant dent in our budget. As my husband and I talked about ways we can save money once our baby was born, he threw out cloth diapers jokingly. Neither of us knew anything about cloth diapers except the concept of some material that had to be washed. We had no idea that cloth diapers were so modern and easy.  So I tossed the idea to the side and we went on about our pregnancy. But then, things took a turn. I was in a local baby boutique, checking out all the adorable baby outfits and overpriced (high end?) baby furniture when I saw a whole display of diapers. Bright colors, fun prints, and super soft fabrics. These were cloth diapers? They certainly weren’t what I imagined. That day, cloth diapers went from a joke to a serious parenting choice. 

A few months later we attended a Cloth 101 class. I researched daily on the internet. I hid my frustration as friends and family laughed and told us we were crazy and it wouldn’t last. My husband and I were a team and we were all in! There was no convincing us that cloth diapers wasn’t the way to go. We could spend $50+ a month for the next 2+ years on disposable diapers or we could spend less than $500 total on a cloth diaper stash that would last us from birth to potty training and for multiple babies. SOLD! 

Cost savings is just one reason that many families choose cloth diapers. Other reasons include cutting down on waste (did you know it takes hundreds of years for a disposable diaper to decompose?), keeping chemicals away from babies skin, and some choose it because it really is that easy! Not to mention cloth diapers are adorable!

There are many types of cloth diapers. If you know nothing about cloth diapers except for the idea of what your grandmother may have used or something you’ve seen in an old movie, you may be surprised! Those types of diapers still exist (and actually, they’re some of my favorites!), but there are also more modern types of diapers that work just like a disposable diaper except you wash them! All in one and pocket diapers are some of the most popular and modern options. They just fasten onto your baby with snaps or velcro, just like a disposable and when it’s time for a diaper change you just place it in a diaper pail until wash time. 

cloth diapers Raleigh Moms Blog

You can wash cloth diapers in your washing machine. There’s no need for a diaper service these days! If the idea of poop in your washer grosses you out, just remember that most babies experience blow outs in their disposable diapers and you’ll be washing poop out of clothes anyway. Plus, there are really handy diaper sprayers that hook up to your toilet so you can dispose of the waste before washing, making clean up a breeze! 

This is just some very basic information about cloth diapers. It can be very overwhelming if you begin doing your own research. Feel free to comment below with your questions or check out my blog, Cloth Diaper Revival for more information. I’d love to help you start your cloth diapering journey!

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