Bring on the Grocery Shopping! : Simple Tips for a Modified Meal-Prep

It’s a chore that MUST get done. There is no way around it. The family wouldn’t last without it. What is it? Grocery shopping.


Yup! Literally.  It’s one of my favorite family necessities that I consistently raise my hand in favor of tackling. 

I’ve always loved grocery shopping. I literally despise all other things shopping. You would never catch me in the mall (Come on fellow 90’s high schoolers, you remember “hanging at the mall” right?). Or God forbid outlets. Yuck. 

But aisles and aisles of food? I’m there.

Our family has a very balanced diet and my kids will eat almost anything. We do a modified meal prep in our house and so far it’s been working. I do not cook a week’s worth of meals on Sunday. OK, so growing up my dad was a fireman and had evening shifts. Our family ate leftovers and I believe it’s that childhood staple of re-heating previous meals that has ruined me on the concept of frozen entrees prepared a week ahead. Instead, I  grocery shop weekly and I gather the meals each evening for the next day for me and the boys.

Grocery Shopping: Modified Meal Prep - Raleigh Moms Blog


The boys’ lunches pack together quickly every morning, and I happily cart my large family lunch cooler into our work filled with containers and baggies. I constantly have my co-workers offering me money to meal prep for them. If you can’t offer to pay me in time, however, then it’s not happening. I barely can get it in for our fam!







So how do I do it you wonder? Take a look below at these four simple steps to our modified weekly meal-prep.

Easy Tips for A Modified Weekly Meal-Prep 

1. Have a Plan

Every Monday I spend the day planning our weekly meals and building “The List” for my grocery haul. Pinterest and Instagram are my friends…I follow, or stalk for good recipe ideas!

2. Make staples

I always plan a few staples to have stored for easy grabbing when the going gets rough. Here are a few:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Egg/sausage/spinach muffins
  • Seasoned grilled chicken strips
  • Homemade nutrition bars

3. Keep it simple!

I keep the meals simple and tasty but use un-eventful instructions that even my dog could follow. Using just a few ingredients from my weekly grocery shopping haul.  Again, Pinterest and Instagram are my friends!

4. Family participation

I enlist the help of my family. My kids help pack lunchboxes, my husband also cooks, and we all clean up. The house doesn’t run smoothly without all members participating. I think I repeat that 100x a day.


Being prepared is key to a modified weekly meal prep. Basic staples, simple recipes that your family enjoys and extra hands will help you win at dinner time! 

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How do you meal-prep for your family during the week? 




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