5 Ways To Meet Mom Friends In The Triangle

5 Ways To Meet Mom Friends In The Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

When you relocate your life to a new city, you are faced with so many different emotions it can be hard to keep up. In all likelihood, you have probably been more focused on getting your family settled, making your new house feel like a home and ensuring that the kids get settled into a new routine. 

But what about you?

Your network of friends is now only available via phone and txt. Here you are in a new city, flying blind. Or, maybe you have lived here all of your life and are finding yourself in a season of life where you want to make some new connections. But how?

Fortunately, the Triangle area of NC has no shortage of opportunities to get involved and meet people. It can kind of be overwhelming though! There are new events and opportunities popping up every week. You just have to get out and find them.

At Raleigh Moms Blog, we do our best to keep you up to date and in the loop on the goings on throughout the Triangle, with our events calendar, moms night out events, and of course our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), but we thought we would break it down for you a bit more too.

5 Ways To Meet Mom Friends In The Triangle

  1. Join a local chapter of the Jr. League. We have two large chapters here in the Triangle. The Jr. League of Raleigh and the The Jr. League of Durham and Orange Counties provide lots of opportunities to meet new women, network, and participate in service projects in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. There are also other smaller chapters of Jr. League groups as well, so be sure to see what might be available in your local community. 
  2. Are you a business owner? Whether you own a direct sales business, have a blog, or are starting a brick and mortar location, I cannot say enough good things about Vend Raleigh! Founder Cary Heise, has a true passion for this community and helping women grow and shape their businesses. This group is not only a great way to network and meet other local “momprenuers”, but also offers a variety of courses and conferencing opportunities that will expand your knowledge on how to build a better business. 
  3. Mix and mingle! We always make sure you know when we have an event going on, but there are lots of other businesses and groups that host events on the regular here in the Triangle. Be sure to check out Heather at Raleigh – Housewives In The City. She puts together a new networking event every month and it is free for women to attend and mingle. It is also a great opportunity to put your business in front of the women in the area! Events are hosted all over the Raleigh area, so the odds are good there is one coming to a location near you soon, even if you live in Durham or Chapel Hill. It might be worth the drive!
  4. Is fitness more your thing? We’ve got you covered there too. Not only are there a plethora of gyms, barre, yoga, and other group class opportunities in this area, but there are also some great women-lead fitness groups worth checking out. Fit4Mom is an awesome way to get fit and network with other moms at the same time. The Triangle has Fit4Mom groups in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Western Wake/Durham. We are also fortunate to have recently had two FIA groups organize here in the Triangle! FIA stands for Females In Action and is free to participate in. Workouts are typically held in the early mornings or evenings and on a Saturday morning. This is a group that serves the Raleigh/Rolesville area and a brand new one that just formed in Western Wake/Holly Springs! Get your butt in shape and meet some great local women while you are doing it. 
  5. Say hello to people. This one sounds obvious, I know. Truthfully though, this area is full of transplants that are coming in from new cities every day. Put yourself out there! The odds are it will not take you long at all to meet someone that you have something in common with. You may even be from the same area! 

Do you have a group that you would add to this list? Be sure to leave a comment below so new moms can see all the choices the Triangle has to offer!


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    Moms groups meet Thursday at 10:30

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