Candy for a Cause: 5 Ways to Ditch or Donate the Halloween Candy


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Ah, Halloween, this hair-raising holiday is filled with ghouls, goblins, and adorable children sugared up on tricks and treats. But as moms, we know the real trick is how to avoid devouring the extra candy that invades our home every October the 31st.

The average American is said to consume 3.4 pounds of candy over Halloween. While you let that statistic settle in around your waistline, here are a few ideas for getting rid of this year’s candy haul. 

Five Ways to Ditch the Halloween Candy

1. Use the legend of the Switch Witch

I’ve heard of quite a few parents using this legend recently. Tell your kids that if you leave the candy out for the Switch Witch she takes the candy and leaves a gift. She’s like a tooth fairy that helps keep teeth in children’s mouths instead of taking them away. (I would advise using one of the following donation ideas for the candy!)

2. Check with your local dentist

You heard me right. Dentists have been known to offer “candy buybacks” where donated candy is shared with local charities or non-profits and you are rewarded with prizes or cash.  In the Raleigh area specifically, Brier Creek Orthodontics gives you a dollar for every pound of candy donated! There are also a number of other dentists and orthodontists in the area that do the same.  Check their websites for specifics on drop off dates and times. 

3. Operation Gratitude

This organization sends your donated candy to deployed troops and first responders. Go to their website to find candy drop sights (many dentists work with this organization) or sign up online to receive the address and materials to donate individually.

4. Operation Shoebox

This is another organization that sends candy to deployed troops. (I may be a tad biased as a military spouse. I’m alright with that.) They will pack boxes year round but love to get candy around the holidays. I know how difficult it is for these men and women to be away from their families this time of year and a box full of treats from home really does help. Check out their website for the address to send bags of individually wrapped candy. 

5.  Raleigh Rescue Mission

I may love the military but I also love all things local. This amazing local shelter wants your candy and was more than happy to give me the name and address of who to send it to.  Send all candy donations to Geia Williams at the Raleigh Rescue Mission. 314 E Hargett Street Raleigh, NC 27601. 

Last year’s Iron Man and Rosie the Riveter Squared.

Here’s the (not so scary) truth- there are loads of places that are willing to take that candy off your hands and use it for a good cause.

Use one of the ones above or reach out and ask your local food pantry, shelter, school, church, etc if they are accepting donations. There’s always the hilarious (and mean) option of pretending you ate it all and posting the kids’ reaction on YouTube. Just make sure that after you are done laughing at your little angels and goblins you put that candy to good use.

Oh and save the Kit Kats for me. Happy Halloween, Mamas!

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