5 Ways to Buy for Baby Without Breaking the Bank

5 Ways to Buy for Baby Without Breaking the Bank Raleigh Moms Blog

As a new mom, it’s been overwhelming to sift through all the stuff you need or think you need for your first child. Do we need a co-sleeper AND a crib? Do we really need a swing AND one of those jiggle seats? And of course every piece of equipment or furniture tends to come with a price tag that’s anything but baby sized.

As the daughter of an Asian American immigrant, I’ve always been particularly proud of my ability to hunt out a good deal. Bartering and discount shopping is basically in my blood. Of course I want nothing but the best for our son, but by golly I refuse to pay full price for it! Not one to let resources go to waste, I thought it would be useful to share some of the tricks I’ve used to deck out our nursery without breaking the bank. 

1. Consignment and Thrift Stores

As luck would have it, the apartment we moved into is almost directly across the street from what has become my favorite kids consignment shop in the area. It only took one swing through there to trigger a hunt for other high quality secondhand stores in the area. Here are a few I’ve liked. Please note, that I haven’t included any that describe themselves as offering designer or high-end kids clothing. Dress your kid however you want, but I’m certainly not putting designer anything on my kid until we’ve we’re free and clear of any major bodily fluid incidents. 

2. Seasonal Consignment Sales

To be honest, while I’ve found a number good items at the second shops I visited, I was a little disappointed with number of stores in the region. And then I discovered the secret, which is that for what this area may lack in brick and mortar consignment establishments, it more than makes up for in seasonal consignment sales. Most of these sales are held twice a year, in spring and then in late summer in preparation for back to school. I’ve either shopped the sales listed below or have them on my list to hit up in August and September. 

  • WINGS (Raleigh): Next sale is Friday, August 26th- Saturday, August 27th
  • Kids Everywear (Morrisville): Next sale is Saturday, September 17th-Monday, September 19th
  • Good 2 Grow Kids (Raleigh): Next Sale is Friday, September 16th-Sunday, September 18th
  • Kid Around Kid (Wake Forest): Next sale is Friday, September 23rd-Sunday, September 25th
  • Kid Cycle (Durham): Next sale is TBA

3. Thred-Up

Thred-Up is essentially an online consignment store. When I lived in rural community, we didn’t have a good consignment shop in town, so I used Thred-Up to sell some of my nicer items. I’ve also purchased several pieces from them over the years. They make it easy to snag a nice work top or two without having to paw through the racks of clothing. They somewhat recently added a kids section to the site, which is particularly great if you’re on the hunt for something specific. I’m also in love with their “Badass Mom” profiles. 

4. Diaperswappers

My husband and I made the decision to go with cloth diapers both for the cost savings as well as the low environmental impact. Cost savings you say? But those suckers are like $20-$30 each! That’s were sites like Diaper Swappers come into play. Diaperswappers is both an online community providing advice for moms who cloth diaper, as well as a marketplace for diapers moms no longer need. 

5. Be a Sale and Coupon Queen

There are inevitably some things you’re going to want to buy new. Used car seats in particular can be a little dicey as they expire quickly and need certification that they haven’t been in an accident. However, even if you’re buying new, there are so many great sites and tricks for getting discounts to help make that purchase go down just a little bit easier. Here are some of my favorite sites. 

What are your tricks for saving money while stocking for your kids? 

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