5 Steps to Create and Manifest Your Personal Wellness Vision

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It’s expected that a business has a defined mission statement, vision, strategic goals, purpose, and core values. A business regularly assesses their performance against their strategic goals and carefully chooses a board of directors that helps to keep the business accountable for these goals.

5 Steps to Create and Manifest Your Personal Wellness VisionWhat would happen if we thought of our health and well-being like a business?

What would your personal mission statement be that governed how you live your life? How about your vision? I’m talking about the vision of the life you want for yourself – the one where you are thriving in your best health.

A wellness vision is a comprehensive description of your best life, taking a whole person view of your health. Just like a business, this very personal wellness vision should reflect your values and will help you set goals, make important decisions, and focus your time.

Your vision may include behaviors, actions, emotions, places, hobbies, new relationships and ones you leave behind. If you do this right, this vision should leave you energized and motivated to bring it to life.

Use these 5 steps to create your personal wellness vision:

1. Vision It.

Get comfortable and take a few deep breathes to relax and quiet your mind. Consider either journaling responses to the questions below or listening to a guided visioning exercise here. 

As a preface to the visioning exercise, expand your definition of wellness beyond the traditional thoughts of exercise and nutrition. Think about what you want in your relationships, spiritual life, career, self-care, and personal growth and development. Consider your own values — what you stand for and devote your time and energy to — what is going well in your life and how you see yourself in the future.

Focus on what you want if nothing could hold you back from the life you want.

Answer the questions below to get started on the practice of exercising your own vision – 

  • What do you like about yourself and your life as it is now?
  • What do you want your life to look like that isn’t part of it now?
  • What results are you looking for?
  • What energizes you?
  • When you feel most alive, what are you doing?
  • How are you using your strengths?
  • How will you feel as your best self?
  • Who is there with you?
  • Take note of who isn’t there with you.
  • What habits have you eliminated?
  • Is there a place that comes to mind when you feel at your best?
  • What is it about that place that makes you feel good?
  • What do you look like?
  • What do you smell?

Be open to this experience and let your mind wander with curiosity.

2. Immediately Write it/Draw it.

After the visioning exercise, immediately put to paper what came to mind. Depending on your creative preference, this could be a drawing, a journal entry, a bulleted list, a few words, etc. Just make sure it’s authentic to you and leaves you with something tangible to keep your vision top of mind.

5 Steps to Create and Manifest Your Personal Wellness Vision3. Create wellness goals that support your vision.

Note aspects of your vision that really stood out to you and create one or two long-term goals that help you get to that end state. Then ensure those goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound). For example, if you envisioned yourself doing yoga in the morning, you might make this a SMART goal by rephrasing that you will do yoga in your home 3 times a week for 30 minutes before the kids wake up.
It’s also helpful to create a link between your goals and your personal values by writing an “I ____ so that I am ______” statement.

For example, “I exercise for 30 minutes, 4 days a week so that I am able to be active and play with my children.”

4. Create your board of directors and accountability plan.

Now that you have your goals, it’s time to create an accountability plan that is realistic and will work for you, complete with your “board of directors” who will be encouraging and accepting of your vision and corresponding goals. Reflect on what accountability tactics have worked for you in the past when trying to make a change. Is it announcing your goal(s) to your close friends and family? Writing it on the bathroom mirror or someplace you will see it every day? Writing yourself an encouraging love note affirming you accomplishing your goal?

5. Revisit regularly.

Consider keeping your visioning exercise reflection (drawing or writing) somewhere where you will be reminded of it and create a scheduled time to re-evaluate this vision and your accomplishments of your goals to get there. Your vision may remain pretty consistent from year to year; however, the specific goals you set to achieve that vision may differ, depending on your particular season of life, family commitments, career, health, among other things.

I hope you now see the importance of prioritizing your vision and corresponding strategy for your health similar to how a company views the health of their business. And just as a business re-invests in itself in order to better serve its customers, so should we. If you take the time to build out your wellness vision and let that lead your health behaviors, how could you better serve your customers — your family, your friends, your community and yourself? 


5 Steps to Create and Manifest Your Personal Wellness Vision

Natalie Eicher, Co-Founder of Mettacool

Natalie Eicher is the co-founder of Mettacool, a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, and mom to her son Anderson. Natalie’s passionate about helping women visualize and achieve their personal health goals, leading them to realize their purpose and potential and put it into action. Follow Natalie Eicher on Instagram and visit the Mettacool website ( and follow their Facebook and Instagram to learn more.




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