Using Pinterest For Meal Planning

Ok, I confess…I love Pinterest! Don’t hate me and don’t turn the page. This is not a post on how to create a beautiful craft that could not possibly have taken someone only 30 minutes.

If you are on Pinterest, it can be like idea overload! How many of you randomly pin ideas and then completely forget about them pretty much the minute after they have been pinned? The number of times Pinterest reminds me that Oops! I have already pinned something is laughable (I knew I liked that idea!).

One of the main things that I like to pin are food ideas and recipes. I may have 1 million food pins. So much so, that I decided to break them into different categories like Veggies, Meat, Comfort Food, Things I Only Eat When I am Feeling Really Bad About Myself…you know, the usual. I still seem to miss a lot of good recipes though, so I got to thinking…why not use all these great pins to help me plan meals for the week?

I recently started trying to do Meal Planning because I am completely guilty of taking way too many trips to the grocery store every week and I can never seem to stay within the grocery budget we keep trying to set. I even made a rule that wine doesn’t count in the grocery budget, so that definitely can’t be what is pushing me over…

Here is how I am putting Pinterest (and a couple other easy tools) to work for our family meal planning:

Pinterest Board Meal Planning Raleigh Moms Blog

First, I have created a board called “On The Table”. I go through my other food boards and pick out recipes that I want to try and then just edit the board that they appear on. This is incidentally also a great way to clear out some of the recipes that you tried and didn’t like or discovered it definitely took more than “Just 10 Minutes”!

Next, I use a handy dandy Printable that I download for free from Just a Girl and Her Blog. I have paid to download some from Etsy too, but I find this one to be the most useful and have the most space to write things in. I review each recipe from my On the Table board, check the pantry and write down anything I need to get. It is also nice to write down the day of the week I am planning to make something. It seems tedious, but it actually saves a lot of time during the week and gives me one less thing to think about. 

Finally, I use an app called Wunderlist. You could totally omit this step because it is kind of a duplication of the above printable, but I like it for 2 reasons. 1. I am super forgetful, so duplication usually is a good thing for me. 2. This app actually syncs with my husband’s phone too, so if I do forget something on the list I can ask him to stop at the store without having to offer a map of the grocery store and photo of the item of I would like him to pick up. 

WunderList For Meal Planning Raleigh Moms Blog

I have a Mac and an iPhone, so I can use the app on both my laptop and phone. I’m not sure if Wunderlist is available for other devices, but there must be something comparable.

That’s it. I could probably still make things a little more streamlined, but this method works for me and it really does seem to be saving on our grocery budget (remember, wine doesn’t count). I’d love to hear what you all are doing! Please comment and let us know! 


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