Teacher Approved Gift Ideas for Any Budget!

Teacher Approved Gift Ideas for Any Budget!You have gotten everyone on your list a gift (or at least thought of a gift), but teacher gifts have got you puzzled?

Well, you have come to the right place!

As the daughter, niece, sister, and cousin of a teacher, I have seen my share of gifts throughout the years! That’s right, nearly everyone in my family is a teacher, and I can’t say enough good things about the people I know in this profession! What a great opportunity the holidays are to say thank you to the teachers in your life!

But maybe you don’t know what to get. Or you feel like you can’t afford to get something nice. Well here are some great, teacher approved, gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

Consumables – Lotion, Candles, Soaps, Oh My!

Teacher Approved Gift Ideas for Any Budget!

Candles! What a treat it is to light a great smelling candle and unwind with a good book.  You can find great options just about everywhere from Wholefoods to Home Goods. Again, there is a candle to fit in any budget. Wrap it up with a bow and you have given the gift of relaxation!

My sister teaches Kindergarten and keeps hand sanitizer clipped to her at all times. One of the best gifts she received last year was a basket of several travel-sized hand sanitizers!

With all the hand washing this time of year, hand lotion is another good option. 

Teacher Approved Gift Ideas for Any Budget!

I love this “for the next time you’re under the weather…” kit that my cousin received as a gift. Items that would work well in this kit include travel-sized hand sanitizer, lotion, tissues, cough drops, individually wrapped tea bags, immune booster supplements, small packets of honey. Anything I missed?

Food – A Teachers Got to Eat!

Gifts of food can range in price, but there is something to fit into any budget. Think fresh fruit baskets, specialty cheese and cracker spreads, or hot chocolate mix with peppermint bark. If you know your teacher likes honey in his or her coffee or eats hot sauce on everything, specialty food stores have tons of variety. Get creative and build your own gift basket of specialty hot sauces!

As the child of a teacher, I can tell you anything food related is a great gift – especially for everyone in that teacher’s family! Every year my Mom received a fresh loaf, usually still warm, of some delicious chocolate chip bread that she would NEVER have bought for herself, or us for that matter! It became a tradition, and signified the beginning of winter break. Check out what your favorite bakery is dreaming up for the holiday season and consider starting a new tradition of your own. Let me know your favorite bakeries!

Gift Cards – How Thoughtful!

Teacher Approved Gift Ideas for Any Budget!

If you are totally stuck on what to get, a gift card to a crowd favorite, like Target or Starbucks, is the way to go. In the past, I tried to steer clear of a gift card because it can be so impersonal, but with a few finishing touches, you can present a considerate, custom-made gift. Placing the card in a personalized coffee mug or including a festive, unique looking ornament can take this gift from just a plastic card to a joyful, holiday-inspired gift! And really, what you are giving here is the gift of a little guilt-free shopping! A great gift in my book!

Make It Personal – Don’t Forget the Glitter!

Don’t forget to add a card, even better, a homemade card, my favorite finishing touch to any gift! Pull out all your arts and crafts supplies (yes, that means the glitter!) and let your kids work their magic. Your child will be so proud of what they have made and so eager to present it to their teacher. And that will be the best gift of all!

Don’t forget to check out our RMB’s Mom-Approved Holiday Shopping Guide, too, when shopping this holiday season!

Tell us in the comments your favorite gifts you’ll be giving your child’s teacher this holiday season!


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