Start Those Engines! It’s Time to Get Green and Clean at the Pump with E15 Gasoline

Carpool, practices, birthday parties, doctor appointments, play dates, road trips … my family is zooming around Raleigh every day trying to make our next stop in the whirlwind of the busy family schedule. 

As a Mom of 3, much like you, I rely on my swagger wagon (aka minivan) to get me to where I’m going with that I’m spending a lot of time at the pump filling up to make my next drop off or pick up.  I pull up to the gas station, swipe my card, mindlessly start filling the tank, stand back and start scrolling through my phone until I hear that familiar click of the pump.  Not even thinking about what I’m putting into my precious minivan or the money I could be saving. However, as of late all that has changed…I’ve found a gasoline that will keep my engine, pocketbook, and environment healthy all with one trip to the pump.


E15 Gasoline - a greener & cleaner gasoline here in North Carolina. Raleigh Moms BlogDid you know that there is a greener, cleaner & cheaper gasoline that we can be filling up on?  A new gasoline right here in Wake County that will keep our engines revving, save us cash at the pump and keep the air we breathe clean.  As a Mama who is always on the move, I had to find out about this new gasoline revolution that will keep my van running in tip top shape, save me money & help me do my part in keeping the environment clean for future generations.


I went to the experts at to learn more about this new fuel and where I could find it in our Triangle area. 

This new American-made biofuel is called E15, a higher-ethanol blended fuel, which is now available at almost every local Sheetz station around Raleigh, Cary and Wake County.  The earth-friendly option earned Sheetz an NC Mobile Care Award from the NC State Clean Tech Center last Fall for offering drivers the higher-octane and cleaner-burning fuel.

Here are some questions I asked the folks over at

What is E15 gasoline?

You might notice the black & white label above gas pumps that state the fuel “May contain up to 10% ethanol” – turns out that about 97% of the fuel supply in the United States already contains 10 percent ethanol.  So you are already using this biofuel. E15, aptly named, is just a slightly higher blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline.  The added bit of ethanol raises the octane level of your fuel, making your engine run smoother.

Who can use it?

If you have a car made in the last 16 years, you can! E15 can be used in any modern passenger vehicle, made 2001 or newer, as well as flex-fuel vehicles.

Are the ethanol blends cheaper?

Yes. In North Carolina, the average price of gasoline is $2.17 per gallon, while E15 sells at $2.03. Over time, that can really add up.

What’s the bottom line?

Ethanol helps make gasoline more affordable and has played a part in lowering gas prices over the last several years. Combine that with the fact that ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 43 percent and it makes for an attractive duo.

The next time I pull up to my local Sheetz I’ll be reaching for the E15 pump knowing that this small gesture will be making a huge impact on my family’s environment and way of life. Visit to learn more about E15 and find the closest location near you to fill up on this greener and more affordable blend of gasoline.

Take Part in the Particle Falls Event!

After you’ve filled up at the pump, grab the kids and take them down to the FREE Particle Falls Event happening in Downtown Raleigh. This event is an animated colorful light projection show and art display that reflects real-time air quality in Downtown Raleigh. The light show will illuminate the sky while on-site demonstrations & explanations will be offered most nights at dusk by volunteers of Clean Air Carolina. With this event show your kiddos how your family is making an impact on clean air by what you’re putting in your car’s tank.

Event Details below:

Particle Falls Event

Dates:  March 24th – April 23rd

Hours:  Begins at Dusk

Place:  Outside viewing across the street from the Raleigh Times Bar, 14 East Hargett St., Downtown Raleigh

Cost:  FREE

Visit their website, and follow their Facebook Event Page to learn more.


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